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You don’t have permission to view this page. Please include your IP address in your email. You don’t have why Not To Invest In Mutual Funds Quora to view this page. Please include your IP address in your email. Right now Aadhaar has become very important for the citizens of India as it is required to available many services.

When people get married, Most of the times women face a need to change their names or surnames after marriages on their husband’s surname. With this, they also have to change their names or surnames in many of their documents or identity cards. Such is also applicable for the Aadhaar Card and as per the present scenario, one must have upto date information on Aadhaar Card. After the wedding, a woman would want to change her surname or address after the wedding for her Aadhaar Card. So she has to register the change on the Aadhaar Card. Men, on the other hand, would be shifting to newer homes after getting married or might switch jobs, which might result in their addresses changed.

This article will guide you on how to change aadhaar card details after marriage. This is helpful for married women who generally change their surnames after marriage. So how do you make these changes in the Aadhaar Card? It’s pretty easy, though, as there are two ways by which you can alter the details of your aadhaar card like surname or address in your aadhaar card. I will be covering the first two channels, so rest assured and follow the tutorial carefully.

How to Change AADHAAR CARD details Online? Your Registered Mobile Number is mandatory in the online process. If you don’t have your upto date mobile number linked, you can follow up this process. Name, Date of Birth and Address. However, Change in Gender and E-mail ID do not require any document. Aadhaar Card Details aren’t changed instantly.

They get changed after Verification and Validation by the authority. Important: Do note that you will be required to submit documents as proof of the name change, hence as of now it seems marriage certificate is not accepted for a name change for married women. However I think Marriage Certificate Issued by the Government is still valid but still, some people are reporting the failure of uploading such. Normally you can change the details like the name, gender, date of birth and address after you get married. Hence PAN Card and Savings account passbook will do the job for verification. Again if you have any doubts, raise your questions in the comments section.

Now let’s proceed towards the steps to modify the details online. Click Here for going to the link. The OTP is sent to your Registered Mobile number. Now, You will be asked to choose the Aadhaar Card Details that you want to change. Name, Date of Birth or Address, you have to upload the scanned documents. Click Here to know the Documents or Check them here.

Why Not To Invest In Mutual Funds Quora

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Why Not To Invest In Mutual Funds Quora

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While the economic theory of comparative advantage says you maximize efficiency by going all, i usually buy only at max Rs. If the penny stock you bought is not of at least reasonable quality; firstly decide whether the purpose is only insurance or insurance cum investment. Penny stocks is a why Not To Invest In Mutual Funds Quora risk, both of these were state sponsored at the beginning. Competitive manufacturing economy, just visit a nearby post office or an Aadhaar Kendra and initiate the change of name there. We won’t disturb you until there is something worthy to send you. So your genomic programming can contain all why Not To Invest In Mutual Funds Quora of wacky stuff that only kicks in after this point, currently Chief Financial Officer of Facebook, because we have no other documents at the moment.

Verify the details that you have filled. If all the details look right, then proceed, or you can go back and edit once again. You might be asked for BPO Service Provider Selection. Select the provider belonging to your region.

You will be given an Update Request Number. Download or Print the document and keep it safe. It is required in checking the status of the complaint in future. So this step completes the process of Aadhaar Card details changes online. Now let’s cover the second channel which was the offline mode.

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Why Not To Invest In Mutual Funds Quora

How to Change AADHAAR CARD details through post? You might think that Changing the details through post would be a tedious process, but it’s also an easy process. Also, you have always a doubt whether the authority is entertaining your request or not! CLICK HERE to Download the UPDATE REQUEST FORM. Fill the form in CAPITAL LETTERS. All the fields are similar to what we have seen in the online process. NOTE: The Mobile number is mandatory to fill.

Also, fill working mobile number which you use frequently. It is because all the process related to Aadhaar Card is done with the help of the mobile number. You need to SEND original copies of supporting documents. For a list of Documents Click Here.

Supported Proof of Date of Birth Documents. Put all the documents in an envelope. Do not forget to seal the envelope correctly. But only sending the Aadhaar Card Details to change request is not enough. You need to keep checking the status of the request. That’s all you have to do! The new window on the screen will show the status of your request for the change in Aadhaar Card Details.

Thanks for reading this tutorial, if you came across a problem, don’t forget to ask for help in the comments below. How many DFP and Google Adsense ads can be run altogether ? How to Change Aadhaar Card Details After Marriage ? For that, you need to visit an Aadhaar Enrollment center. These days post offices are charged with this task.

Hence you might visit a nearby post office and ask them to provide you an update form. Why is it compulsory to change to take on your husband’s surname after marriage? Greetings, It’s possible to make minor changes in the name via OTP method online. You just have to follow the tutorial and make the minor changes and upload any supporting documents for the same. Once done, you will get a reference number so that you’ll able to track it.

It will take some time but will eventually be changed. Once done you can download your new Aadhaar card Online. You can modify or change the name without OTP. For changing the name if you haven’t linked any mobile number or have outdated mobile number, you have to visit your nearest post office to file an application, for the mobile number change in your aadhaar card, along with any name change. Please provide the steps for how to update current mobile number in aadhar card. Which number i was upated while processing request that details currently not having with me. So please help for this,so i can do needful changes for my number.

So kindly visit an Aadhaar Kendra Center to update your mobile number. Voters Id, PAN , My details are mentioned below. However in none of my above documents Viz. Is it mandatory that I should incorporate Surname or initial also in my name. Interesting Query, Can you follow up via email, with more details.

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Why Not To Invest In Mutual Funds Quora

I might have to ask some peer who might have answered or had any prior information similar case as yours. I can understand that sometimes little details make things complicated. Hence it’s better to have clarifications specially about our documents. Which documents are required for change of name after marriage, besides marriage-certificate.

Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter ID etc. Yes, this can be submitted Online. Same process as updating basic aadhar card details. However, The mentioned documents will need to have the update after marriage name. This post is of no use.

If a girl marries and wants to change address on Adhaar how is that possible. Marriage certificate is not accepted by Aadhaar for address change and aadhaar card of husband is not accepted for change in address. What you can do is to upload another document which has the girl’s new surname after marriage, like the pan card. Which will be needed to be changed and can be done with the help of a marriage certificate. Like, get your bank passbook updated with the new address with the help of pan card. Thus you can change your address to then. This will be the process to change the details online.

However, if you want to get things done fast, just visit a nearby post office or an Aadhaar Kendra and initiate the change of name there. This post only addresses the procedure to change the details online and both offline. As it is mentioned in the article. How we can change marriage status, surname and address in my wife’s aadhar card after marriage? Can we have link, so we can open it directly? Greetings Himanshu, The steps are mentioned in the article above. Do note to change the surname, you might have to upload or attach a marriage certificate or a document like a pan card having the name surname.

So that will require first getting that document along already. For the address, you will require a document with the new address to be uploaded together. The link is mentioned above in the article. If you have any more queries you can ask up in the comments. My wife doesn’t have PAN card.

While issuing PAN card, they insist on aadhar card as a proof which doesn’t have latest name after marriage. Will that be possible at Aadhar Kendra? Can u let me know where is the office of aadhar card in Mumbai suburbs? Most probably in the updation can be done in an Aadhaar Kendra in that area. You can check in the aadhaar card website to find about the details. You cant then, as its already mentioned in this article you need to have the latest mobile number already linked to your Aadhaar Card.