Why Billionaires Don’t Invest Football Germany

Dear Twitpic Community – thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. We all understand that the condition of things in Nigeria is not easy at the moment and the only way to get a quick turn around is to find your way out of the country quickly. Also with the latest frustration of Visa refusals and application downtime in many embassies in Nigeria, the best way is to hear directly from someone that has been in your why Billionaires Don’t Invest Football Germany before. Whether the marriage is arranged or real, you can get a quick turn around by marrying someone  abroad.

Nigerian guys and girls home and abroad. Trust me you will meet lots of people here. Please watch out don’t break someones heart just because you want to travel abroad because it will come back and hunt you. There are thousands of conference that takes place yearly in countries like Canada, USA and UK. If you are a security or IT professional, you can use www.

If you will like to see more conferences, go ahead and search www. Lots of folks have travelled out through conferences. If you have a friend that knows those top governmental officials in Nigeria, you can be sent out of the country with this opportunity. I don’t know much about this myself but a friend of mine told me the Government do send people out frequently to represent Nigeria. If you have your Degree, you can search for schools in Canada,USA or UK. If your GPA is at least 2.

1 , you will get an admission for a masters program. Just find a way to prove that you or your sponsor is financially ok. If you have your Secondary School Education with WAEC or GCE, you can also apply for your degree. If you like Canada, I highly recommend www. Their admission rate is very decent for Nigerians. You don’t really need a sponsor to immigrate to Canada. If you have a degree and a good job, you can apply on your own. Though I personally don’t recommend this but people still do it. After 911, Airport Security has been really tight so using Some else’s Passport may not be a good option anymore.

And if you want to try this option, better have a good idea of what the country you are visiting is all about. All the best wishing you success. My name is stanley okafor from anambra state base in lagos am 23 yrs and a footballer,hoping for a good sponsor to take me out to a greener pastures. I’m am mathew Lucy ogale,im 24yrs old,from delta state Nigeria I live with my parents in portharcourt rivers state. 2015 i posted for a help of travelling out but couldnt find any but God. Nigeria is not a country one needs to run away, bcos we have all it takes to uplift someone. Help can only come if God has a mission for you. The rate of armed robbery is high in Nigeria bcos of no job and skill acquisition.

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5million graduates are produced from Nigeria bt no job. I don’t mind if it will take me a year to pay back. Esther, a graduate but no job yet. I promise to pay back and also add interest too. I promise to pay back with interest : 08037918798 .

Hi, I’m muhammed by name, a certified hustler. Just need someone to help my career out out this country. Then I’m never gonna do that. I am Ademola Adelabi, a graduate of Civil Engineering, I have worked in different construction firms. I am presently working at a Civil engineering consulting firm. Pls, I need an agent that can help travel to New Zealand or Canada, I promise to pay them back. 89096 ,of any country, please if you don’t have international passport don’t contact me but if you’re ready to do it then lets talk.

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