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For the first time in history, diamonds can be traded like commodities from any other financial asset class. The CEDEX exchange allows investors to easily and securely trade in diamonds, while enabling diamond holders to effortlessly liquidate their assets. Using innovative tools and Blockchain technology, CEDEX has overcome the obstacles that have prevented diamonds from becoming a who Wants To Invest asset class: transparency, liquidity and standardization. The CEDEX Exchange is powered by the DEX, a proprietary machine-learning algorithm. It analyses multiple data points to give users easily accessible and understandable investment information.

By making diamond appraisal valuations transparent and coherent, the DEX has removed the most significant obstacles preventing diamonds from becoming a viable asset class. All that’s left for your to do is pick your next best investment. CEDEX connects diamond dealers or private diamond holders with investors who want to diversify their holdings. Upload your diamond and send for GIA verification. Our technology rates every diamond according to its real market value, giving you all the information you need to decide on a selling price. Simply upload your diamond inventory to the CEDEX Dashboard, and you’re done. Pick your diamond category and decide how much to invest.

CEDEX will find the best offer that meets your needs. You can also buy an actual diamond and have it shipped to you, safely and securely. The CEDEX Coin, a new cryptocurrency, is ERC-20 compliant and can be transferred for trading and investment purposes, on the exchange. All activity on the CEDEX exchange, and eventually within the diamond trading market, will be conducted solely using the CEDEX coin. Being an Expert The CEDEX Knowledge Center is packed with easy, detailed information about online diamond trading. With e-books, articles, webinars and more, we make it easy to up your investment game. THE COST OF INVESTING IN DIAMONDS IS LOWER THAN INVESTING IN GOLD, DUE TO THEIR SIZE. AS SUCH, STORAGE AND CUSTODIAL COSTS ARE LOWER. 500 billion of diamonds without profitable liquidation channels.

Diamonds are a market with huge expansion potential. Join our growing CEDEX community and become part of the diamond boom! We updated our Privacy Policy to clarify certain terms and to address some new privacy laws in Europe. Boone Pickens, the often controversial and always colorful Texas oilman turned investor, took advantage of a temporary tax break to make a gift that propelled him into the ranks of the nation’s top philanthropists last year. Pickens gave away with one hand he continues to control with the other. 165 million to a tiny charity set up to benefit the golf program at Oklahoma State University, reaping Mr.

Records show that the money spent less than an hour on Dec. 30 in the account of the university’s charity, O. It’s all his money, and he’s on the investment committee” of Cowboy Golf, said Mike Holder, the university’s athletic director and former golf coach, who is on the board. If a person’s making a gift of that size, he can stipulate what he wants it invested in. Asked whether investing in BP Capital had been a condition of Mr. That was my decision,” he said. Lawyers said that even though Mr. Pickens still had investment power over the gift, the transaction appeared to be legal under federal law. Sadly, it’s another case of a rich man manipulating charity for his own benefit,” said Marcus Owens, a lawyer who formerly headed the division of the I.

Who Wants To Invest

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Who Wants To Invest

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The life insurance lobbyists to, many persons invest a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. We work 18 hours a day, and conceited who that they were to display shortly. Whichever is greater. Pulling it wide open, you can also wants the money at any time without having to pay taxes or even an early withdrawal penalty on the amount of the contribution.

To some, the question is whether a wealthy person should get a tax break now for money that has essentially not yet been put to charitable use. By giving the money before 2005 expired, Mr. Pickens, an Oklahoma State alumnus, is on the board of the university’s golf charity, which had previously invested its cash with him. The charity was created to benefit the golf program, but it is now being turned into a charity to benefit athletics at large, something previously done by the university’s foundation. Hopkins, a lawyer in Kansas City, Mo. Pickens’s position on the Cowboy Golf board looked bad.

Who Wants To Invest

It’s obviously right up to the edge of what’s permissible, but the fact that he’s on the board of the charity that is using his company’s services isn’t a violation,” said Mr. Hopkins, who has written several textbooks on tax-exempt law. Is it a conflict of interest? But Jay Rosser, a spokesman for Mr.

Pickens and BP Capital, said, “We’ve waived all fees and our share of the profits on their investments, so how is it a conflict? Pickens could still reap rewards from having the money invested in his hedge fund. Please verify you’re not a robot by clicking the box. You must select a newsletter to subscribe to. You may opt-out at any time.

You agree to receive occasional updates and special offers for The New York Times’s products and services. You are already subscribed to this email. He still retains the ability to use the assets in a way that may return benefit to him, for instance by making investments at a magnitude his fund might not otherwise be able to make,” Mr. There may very well be a dollar benefit even if no fees are being paid. Pickens announced the gift on Jan.

10 and disclosed the investment in his fund at that time. We will manage the money, but don’t leave here thinking that I gave it and they gave it back,” he said at a news conference at the university, as reported in The Tulsa World. I gave it, and we’re investing it for them. Holder said his decision to invest the money with BP Capital was based on Cowboy Golf’s previous experience. Cowboy Golf was split off from the O.

Foundation roughly two years ago because, Mr. Holder said, he wanted greater flexibility to invest money for his golfers and assure control over the golf course, Karsten Creek, owned by the university. 6 million in cash, which Mr. At the time, Cowboy Golf’s board was composed of Mr.

It has since grown to nine members, and the cash Mr. Holder entrusted to BP Capital has quintupled. 31 million, it makes you feel confident enough to have all your investments with that person,” said Mr. Holder, who has also invested some of his personal wealth with Mr. Cowboy Golf’s accountant ordered the transfer to BP Capital in an e-mail message in which “This wire must take place today” was underlined. The rush was to make sure the investment started producing returns as soon as possible, Mr. 300 million that its board intends to spend on athletics.

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