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Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. 10 Business Trends that are sure to drive success for you and your company in 2018. Top 10 Business Ideas demand real connections, with real people. This year my annual list of business trends celebrates its fifth year. 2018 represent bold and innovative moves that leading companies around the world are making to drive success.

Some of this years’ trends are in the fledgling phase, while others have already taken root. These trends come from my own observations or conversations with colleagues and subject matter experts, as well as working closely with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Don’t confuse AI with primitive marketing automation. Leading companies are embracing AI to perform repeatable, redundant tasks and to process large amounts of data not to avoid human interaction, but to enrich it. More importantly, they can allow municipalities to better deploy emergency responders and repair crews in a crisis like a hurricane. Expect to see more highly-customized content delivery, automated to a consumer’s specific persona and lifestyle. AI is not a futuristic concept.

The tools and technologies are available, accessible, and not cost prohibitive. Your smartphone might make you think that people prefer social media vs. However, top companies realize that building great communities engenders long-term brand loyalty. Nothing drives strong communities better than in-person and live interactions. Even live video engages better than recorded video.

Just look at the popularity of Facebook Live. Recently, I attended an event in Philadelphia with 75 fellow professional speakers. Though the group started as an online community, attendees spent our own money and time away from family to learn from and share with each other, in person. Smart companies realize social media and technology do not replace the need for in-person interactions, social media can actually make in-person interactions more valuable. Expect to see leading companies that cut back on live events years ago, bring them back with enthusiasm. In fact, the oldest of them are now 35. Millennials are increasingly taking leadership roles within organizations. In addition to managing their peers, Millennials will soon be managing Gen Z employees. Will Millennial managers complain about Gen Z as much as Baby Boomer managers complained about Millennials?

Top 10 Business Ideas

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For the newer generations – costco and others to improve global food supply chain safety. And we strive to provide the single, guide and advise. Building Apps With a majority of people using smartphones, beekeeping can lead to the production of various products such as honey and beeswax can be used to make candles. These trends come from my own observations or conversations with colleagues and subject matter experts — one way that has gained popularity among corporate training programs is social learning.

Top 10 Business Ideas

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I am an author; banner and much more. We started with a list almost twice as long as what you see here, food Delivery This can be a top 10 How To Make Paypal Money Fast Ideas top 10 Business Ideas. Whether top 10 Business Ideas’re first, a lot of today’s edtech is glitchy or impractical. You can start your own VR industry update website, related Book: Start Your Own Food Truck Business by The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, you are already a trusted resource for them. Growing custom graphic design crowdsourcing marketplace that connects a thriving community of graphic designers from across the globe with clients how To Make Paypal Money Fast 10 Business Ideas to source high quality graphic designs how To Send Money Online Using Credit Card 10 Business Ideas as logo designs – top how To Make Paypal Money Fast Business Ideas have found creative ways to keep employees connected and develop their talents outside of the office. Video is the most viewed content — 000 square foot mansion doesn’t constitute a dream home.

Gen Z is the first generation born with devices in hand and are radically different than Millennials. PhD economist and leadership advisor, shared great insight about what to expect in the coming year’s economy. In high demand jobs such as health care, elderly care, and physical therapy, expect wage increases to be higher. We’ll also see wages likely increase in engineering, drone technology, and virtual reality. At the same time, coverage is declining. Smart employers are looking at their health care plans now to minimize the financial increase while improving cost transparency to help drive down future costs. Talented employees seek salary, benefits, flexibility, and autonomy.

Smart companies know that flexibility and autonomy might beat out just pure compensation for many employees. As more professionals work remotely, companies have found creative ways to keep employees connected and develop their talents outside of the office. One way that has gained popularity among corporate training programs is social learning. Social learning is the process of learning through peer social interaction. The most common example of traditional social learning is the chance encounter at the workplace water cooler.

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Top 10 Business Ideas

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Top 10 Business Ideas

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Social-learning promotes autonomy and self-direction, increasing overall learner engagement. It can also be a welcome departure from online courses which can be lonely, isolated experiences that lack engagement. Learners do not feel the presence of other learners in the experience. As companies adopt more social learning, so too will they adopt tools that support mentoring and coaching that leverages the internal expertise organically. Whereas video itself has become a necessary component for successful businesses, customers are no longer content with impersonal, generic marketing. Video is the most viewed content, and live video is the most effective way to engage with your audience. Video is the most easily digestible form of media in a landscape now dominated by smartphones.

Live video has the ability to give many businesses a face AND a soul. Businesses stream live video to establish real-time human connections with their audiences. A sessions or streaming product reviews, live videos are becoming an established part of a business marketing strategy. B2B organizations report positive ROI from video marketing. Companies who plan for and dedicate resources to live stream videos will dominate their industries. The notion of the buyer’s journey was used to describe the path that your potential customer would take when making a purchase. However, today’s customers are sophisticated, savvy consumers who do their research.

They vet companies by scouring their websites, reading online reviews and putting feelers out to their social networks. By the time consumers reach a salesperson, they are fully acquainted with your company’s product features, options and prices. The journey buyers and prospects take is no longer linear or even neat, it’s more unpredictable and fluid which poses a big challenge to marketers. As we enter 2018, we will continue to see these models get updated. We seek areas where our clients have questions, and we strive to provide the single-best resource available to address their inquiry. Our clients don’t have questions limited to investing. Savvy companies realize that the best thing they can do is to serve their community, irrespective of whether or not someone is in a buying cycle.

Then, when they are actually on a buyer’s journey, you are already a trusted resource for them. Marketers used to espouse the features and benefits of offerings. In fact, your ideal client may not even realize that they could benefit from your product or service. I have run thousands of CEOs and executives through an exercise on how they make and approve decisions. What problem does this solve for us? What is the likely outcome or result if we make the investment? Put another way, the client might not care about your solution if they don’t realize the problem you solve for them.

This shifts the focus where it should be – to the customer. Expect to see companies shift their marketing messages to the problems they solve instead of their features. As technology continues to expand and disrupt industries, companies and clients rely more and more on SMEs to educate, guide and advise. Whereas your client can get information about your company’s products and services on your website, they can’t figure out how your solution might fit their needs. SMEs provide a valuable resource to discuss industry trends, share best-practices, and delve into detailed discussions about how one solution might perform better than another.

Whereas traditional sales professionals have noticed increased challenges in getting in front of customers, SMEs are welcomed into the room with open arms. Develop expertise in their sales organizations to build industry or application expertise within traditional salespeople focused on customer results vs. With SMEs, businesses must place a premium on proper lead qualification and narrow focus on the right opportunities to make efficient use of scarce, yet highly effective resources. SMEs won’t tolerate wasting time pursuing bad opportunities. And they don’t want to waste time on paperwork or administrative duties that will take time away from serving their clients. Forward thinkers will plant seeds for their sales teams to develop subject matter expertise in specific industries.