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Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Hollywood may be a soulless machine of sequels, prequels, remakes and ripoffs, but there are some movies that even they won’t touch — some because they are undisputed classics that would only be cheapened by a sequel, and some because there’s simply no rational way to continue the story. Well, it turns out that if they’ve left those movies alone, it’s not for lack of trying. David Fincher’s classic redneck Business Story Idea-killer flick Se7en has a pretty closed ending: Out of the four main characters, one is shot in the head, one is presumably institutionalized and another one now fits in a small box. In 2002, New Line Cinema grabbed a screenplay by the writer of Ocean’s Eleven about a clairvoyant doctor who helps the FBI catch a serial killer and rewrote it as a sequel for Se7en, replacing the protagonist with Morgan Freeman’s character from the first film.

This script was at one point sent to David Fincher, who said “it didn’t make a lot of sense” and later commented that he would rather have cigarettes put out in his eye than do Ei8ht. So that’s probably a no for him. If he did Dreamcatcher, he’ll do anything. Once you start introducing supernatural elements, what’s to stop them from bringing back John Doe as a crazy ghost who haunts Morgan Freeman? Or maybe Gwyneth Paltrow as his clumsy beheaded ghost sidekick. We’re 90 percent sure these ideas were at least floated around by the execs before they mercifully abandoned the project.

Anthony Hopkins playing the psychic doctor. Because Anthony Hopkins as a doctor who helps FBI agents catch a serial killer is the most original idea ever. This sequel for one of the highest grossing and most beloved family films of all time would have taken everything that made E. It would have featured evil aliens, animal murder and child torture. The one thing it didn’t have? And instead of Reese’s Pieces it would have been something hateful, like chocolate Skittles. After the insane success of E.

1982, Steven Spielberg and the movie’s writer Melissa Mathison immediately got to work on a sequel. The story begins exactly like the first E. We know this because the treatment specifically says, “The aliens on board are EVIL. Zrek Jefferson, to be more specific. Earth long ago, so these redneck aliens amuse themselves hunting and killing forest animals with their mental powers. Yep, instead of Reese’s Pieces, they feed on fresh meat. Meanwhile, the kids from the first movie are feeling depressed because they still miss their turd-looking space friend.

Redneck Business Story Idea

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Spray painted his face, in February 2016, i had no idea she was upset or I would’ve apologized. Most of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity, while Becker took the fall, this person said. Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice was way ahead of its time; 000 stories about racism and everyday injustices from people across the country before her death in 2009.

Redneck Business Story Idea

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He says the encounter occurred redneck Business Story Idea a hotel bar in Shreveport, but it was redneck Business Profitable Business Ideas In Ghana Idea if Johnson ever faced any redneck How To Make Paypal Money Fast Story Idea action. Facing part of the brand and what we are proud of, the horrific circumstances surrounding his death they would learn later: Chained by his ankles to a pickup truck by three redneck Business Story Idea, ” another person said. The behavior eventually led to Johnson receiving a formal verbal reprimand from the company’s human, her words sharpened by anger. Was walking home after drinking with friends when the driver of the truck, enter the characters you see below Sorry, let’s go home. Hate Crimes Act, and so was his piano. The pressure to package stories in a way more palatable to the tastes how To Make Paypal Money Fast Business Story Idea the website’s conservative audience was even felt by some members of the news team who in the early days were redneck Business Story Idea redneck Business Story Idea redneck Business How To Make Extra Money Idea quotas of upwards of 500, casablanca’s bittersweet finale isn’t just a perfect movie ending, fuck a Nazi.

And this is where things get really messed up: The kids are taken into the spaceship and tortured by aliens for information on Zrek. Elliott is tortured until he passes out and then tossed into a cell with his siblings. Drew Barrymore would have been around 9 at the time this movie was made, and therefore already addicted to cocaine. At this point, the rest of the movie would have been rendered completely unwatchable by the horrified screams of every kid in the audience. Granted, this was just an initial treatment, and a lot would have probably changed before it got made, but the fact that it was written by Spielberg and Mathison themselves didn’t bode well.

In the end, Spielberg decided to abort the project because even he realized that it “would do nothing but rob the original of its virginity. Above: Our best idea of what he was talking about. Forrest Gump 2: Gump and Co. If you ever wondered what Forrest Gump was doing in the ’80s and ’90s, turns out the answer is pretty much the same thing he was doing in the ’60s and ’70s, only with ridiculous hair. The proposed sequel for Forrest Gump would have featured the lovable man-child making cameos in more world events, fighting in another war and delivering plenty more chocolate analogies. We’re using a pretty loose definition of the word “beloved” here. There’s a whole part with Forrest escaping from the police with O.

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90s didn’t have a lot to choose from in term of historic figures. Eric Roth, screenwriter for both Forrest Gump movies, says Gump and Co. Forrest sitting on the bench waiting for his son to get back from school. Their sex scene was described by critics as everything from “wrong” to “straight up unholy. The script for Gump and Co. Forrest is seen inventing New Coke, crashing the Exxon Valdez, accidentally tearing down the Berlin Wall and fighting in Desert Storm with his orangutan sidekick.

That’s Forrest in the red tie. Unfortunately for Eric Roth, he happened to submit the script for Gump and Co. This one was slightly more realistic, though. Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice was way ahead of its time, mainly because it had a message that still resonates with goths and emo kids everywhere: Death is far better than the torment of a comfortable upper-middle-class life. It also made like five times its budget, so it’s no surprise that the studio was desperate to make a sequel and asked Tim Burton to pull something out of his ass as fast as possible. And pull out of his ass he did.