The company is registered properly. We reserve the right to transfer your personal data to a third party on the legal request of state, law enforcement and other authorities. We can also transfer your information as necessary to credit or collection agencies or, if necessary, to protect our rights or property. In order to improve the provision of our services for you, we can engage another organization to perform some internal functions such as invoice processing, execution, customer service, customer satisfaction surveys or other data collection activities relevant to our activities. We can also provide the parties with customer information from our database when it is necessary to analyze and identify the needs of customers and notify them about product and service offerings. The use of transmitted information is strictly limited to the fulfillment of the task that we are requesting, and for other purposes. All third parties with whom we exchange personal information are required to protect this information in the same way that we protect it.

Limitation of responsibility

If at any time you decide to purchase a product or service offered by another company, any personal information that you transfer to this company will no longer be monitored in accordance with our Privacy Law. We are not responsible for the privacy policy or the content of the sites to which we refer, and do not control the use or protection of the information or data you collect from these sites. Whenever you select a link to a joint site or to an associated website, you may be asked to provide registration or other information. Please note that the information you provide is transferred to a third party and you should review the privacy policy provided by this third party. If you refuse to transfer non-public personal information, you may request that we do not disclose such personal information to certain third parties not associated with it. To refuse to transfer non-public personal information to third parties, you should contact your customer service representative. The selection of the denial function, by one owner of the common account, is applicable to all the owners of this common account. This option should be noted in every account that you registered with us.

Using of “cookies”

We use cookies to help ensure the security of your trading activities and to improve the performance of our website. (Cookies are small text files sent from a web server to your computer). The cookies we use do not contain any personal information or information about the account or password. They simply allow the site to recognize information that the page request comes from someone who has already logged on to the system. We can transfer information about the use of the website, about visitors on the website to well-known advertising companies for advertising our banners on this and other sites. For this purpose, you can use pixel shortcuts (also called clear GIFs or Web beacons) to mark the pages that you visit. The information collected by the advertising company using these pixel tags is not personal. To manage and improve our website, we can use the help of another organization to track and analyze usage information and statistical information volumes, including page requests, form requests and click paths. A third party can use cookies to track behavior and can install cookie files on our behalf. These cookies do not contain personal information.

Contacting Information

In the case is not any way indicated otherwise for a particular service, any messages or materials of any kind that you send by e-mail or otherwise transmit through the service, including information, data, questions, comments or suggestions (your “messages” “), Will be treated as non-official and not confidential. By accepting this Agreement, you grant us the right to use your Contacts in any manner that is appropriate in our opinion, whether on a website or in another place, without any obligation or liability to you. We are entitled to use any idea, concept, expertise or technique or information contained in your messages for any purpose, including but not limited to product development and marketing. We are entitled, but not required, to view or save your messages. We can track your messages to assess the quality of the service we provide, whether you comply with this Agreement, security of the website or for other reasons. You agree that such monitoring activity does not entitle you to any action or other right as to how we control your communications. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any costs, damages, expenses or other liabilities incurred by you because of our monitoring activities.

Changes to this Statement of Confidentiality

From time to time, we may edit this Privacy Policy. In the event of a significant change to this Privacy Statement, its updated version will be immediately published on the websites, and on our websites, we will publish a notice informing you of these changes. You agree to accept information about the edited Privacy Statement posted electronically on the website as the actual notice to you. Any dispute under this Privacy Policy applies to this notice and our Customer Agreement. Also, note that according to the rules that are introducing in the EU jurisdiction countries, starting from May 25, 2018, all the rules will begin to include on the protection of personal data. Now the company not only receives data, but also monitors their encryption, transmission, introduction to the company’s database, protection against hacking, legal claims of other companies, and everything related to paragraphs 1-36 of the Regulation on the GDPR (General Regulations for the Protection of Personal data).

Customer Agreement

We recommend that you periodically check and review these provisions to always know what information we collect, how we use it, and to whom it is transmitted. If you have any questions that are not addressed in this application, please contact your customer service representative. The company is registered in accordance with the laws of the port of Vila (Vanuatu).