Innovative Business Ideas 2016

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. You have successfully emailed the post. From off-the-grid pods to tiny houses that can be taken innovative Business Ideas 2016 move with their owners, innovative home design blossomed in 2016. Although there was no shortage of out-there ideas, a few trends took shape.

Architects emphasized designs that made for low-cost and fast construction, minimalist aesthetics, increased mobility, and the use of more renewable power sources. Kodasema unveiled its design for the Koda house. The 269-square-foot cube can be assembled by a construction crew in less than seven hours and disassembled in four hours. 500-person community in northwestern Georgia, the 500-square-foot homes are used to house resident artists. 20K Homes,” and hopes they can become a model for building houses that are both beautiful and affordable.

Designed by Netherlands-based Nice Visions, the Ecocapsule features a roof with solar cells and a mini wind turbine. It also has a rechargeable battery that can last at least four days if the off-the-grid sources fail. The second generation of Ecocapsules will be available for a lower price in 2017. Kokoon is a portable, three-story wooden house that can be built in under a day. Otaniemi, Finland in late summer 2016. The house was a project by students in the Wood Program at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Business Insider that the Kokoon is designed to be prefabricated, meaning the majority of its parts would be built offsite. 15,000 each if the team were to sell them. Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects — also dubbed the “Ninja House” — has no interior walls, very little floor space, and just a few wooden ladders connecting its three levels.

It was custom-built for a couple who lives in Tokyo. The Montana-based startup Montainer launched a line of fully-furnished shipping container homes in summer 2016. 55,000, the company could make it easier for more people to buy a new house. Anyone can order and customize one online. 238-square-foot home on a revolving platform that moves with the sun to optimize the amount of sunlight its panels can absorb.

Innovative Business Ideas 2016

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Innovative Business Ideas 2016

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Innovative Business Ideas 2016

Operation Freedom Paws, which matches disabled veterans with service dogs. Anupama Kundoo, the Fun Fill Home is a low-cost, easy-to-build house for those who live in earthquake zones. Anupama Kundoo Architects, was commissioned to build 22 prototype homes in Auroville, India in the fall. Wilbat House to construct the first one in L’Armentera, a town in Catalonia, Spain. 1,660 square feet, the house was built in two weeks with an electric screwdriver.

You have successfully emailed the post. In a world where there’s 30 plus food delivery companies and an army of ‘Uber for X’ clones, startups working on high impact and daring ideas can be overlooked. But that doesn’t mean they’re not out there. Eager to impress our editor’s five-year-old son who wants to be wowed by the tech world, Business Insider assembled a list of crazy and unique ways startups want to change the world.

We polled investors and entrepreneurs to hear what audacious ideas companies are working. Here are 21 companies will go big, or go broke trying. We limited the list to private companies who have raised money in the last five years, so this excludes big projects like Google’s Loon or Tesla’s world takeover. Leave your nominations in the comments. Orbital Insight wants to change what we know about the world, by viewing it from above. What is it: When retailers missed their estimates in the last quarter, Orbital Insight already knew about it. The mostly-in-stealth startup had been analyzing imagery from satellites and noticed one striking thing comparing year-over-year images: there’s fewer cars in parking lots.

That’s just one example of the power of looking down on our Earth rather than only at what you can see out your window. Orbital Insight wants to understand the trends of the world by taking advantage of data science and machine learning to spot when change is happening. What it is: The startup, which launched publicly in November, claims it can grow hundreds of diamonds that are up to nine carats in just two weeks in a lab. The company had been working for three years to come up with a way to lab-grow pure diamonds, not synthetics.

Innovative Business Ideas 2016

Medium founder Evan Williams, and Zynga founder Mark Pincus. Fetch Robotics wants to create robots that helpfully work with humans. What is it: Described as the most prominent robotics company not to be owned by Google, Fetch Robotics wants to change the way warehouses work. Unlike other companies, though, the future with Fetch Robotics doesn’t have to eliminate the human entirely. Instead, what investors like about Fetch is how it weaves the two seamlessly together. Fetch has created both a pick robot and a freight one. While the “Fetch” can grab items off shelves, a warehouse doesn’t need to go all-in on robots to take advantage of their efficiency.

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