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How To Make Money With Tailoring Legion

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How To Make Money With Tailoring Legion

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How To Make Money With Tailoring Legion

How To Make Money With Tailoring Legion

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Thug’s elastic delivery carrying more meaning than its lyrics. By February, Kanye had reportedly summoned Young Thug to California from his home in Atlanta to record. It turned out the answer was a record label whose contract with Thug was a secret. Because although Young Thug wanted nothing to do with the label, he’d signed a contract with them that he couldn’t get out of. According to multiple sources, he felt ripped off and went rogue, seeking out new advisers, while those at the label that now owned a percentage of his income scratched their heads and waited.

In the meantime, the career of one of hip-hop’s most promising rising stars hung in the balance. 1017 Thug’s title pledged allegiance to Gucci Mane’s label, 1017 Brick Squad, and Thug has remained fiercely loyal to Gucci since that tape’s release. Thug’s allegiance wasn’t in name only — he’d also signed a binding production deal with Gucci Mane and 1017 Brick Squad. This happened around March 2013, said an Atlanta music publicist who has worked with Thug. So when Young Thug signed another deal with Atlantic Records imprint Artist Partners Group just weeks after Gucci Mane returned to jail last September, it’s not clear if he knew that by doing so, he was creating an arranged marriage of sorts between them and Gucci Mane.

I think at that point, felt like the Gucci contract was void. APG on the Young Thug project and was privy to Thug’s contract negotiations and promotional budget. APG has two divisions: Artist Partners Group for recording artists and Artist Publishing Group for producers. When APG look at someone, they think about breaking somebody into popular culture, not something that’s gonna be the hottest thing on the urban market.

That’s the reason APG exists: They’re gonna go find those talents that Atlantic Records probably wouldn’t put any money into, cause they’re a higher risk. According to Jordan, APG thought of Young Thug as a risky artist, with a vague name that might be hard to sell. R department — on the idea. Still, even though APG stood to make money from Thug’s music as well as his other ventures, their up-front investment in him was small. Until the early ’00s, labels focused less on promoting existing songs than creating new ones, and tailoring them to mainstream tastes. In post-Gucci Mane 2014, artists compete to be seen as street favorites, making hits on their own terms that spread organically among fans, with the help of tastemaking blogs and sites like Livemixtapes.