How To Make Money While Road Tripping

Back in the 1940s, Nat King Cole was already singing about Route 66’s open-road appeal. Today, Route 66 has been decommissioned as a federal highway, but many parts of the 2,400-mile historic roadway still exist—and hold a particular appeal to road-trippers. How To Make Money While Road Tripping Godt, Lonely Planet’s managing destination editor. Chicago-to-Los Angeles outline featured in Lonely Planet’s new book, Epic Drives of the World. To give yourself time to take in the major attractions along the way, plan to spend two weeks traversing this legendary American roadway.

We pulled cost information from MONEY’s Best in Travel database, which includes hotel prices from Hotels. 267: Average one-way airfares to Chicago and from L. Read on for a day-by-day itinerary. Drivers, start your engines: You’ll be driving about 300 miles south toward St. If you’d prefer to stay outside St. As you drive southwest out of St. Jesse James made his hideout in the 1800s. And before you wrap up your day’s drive, stop for a photo of the Blue Whale of Catoosa, a 80-foot-long statue that’s been entertaining visitors since the 1970s. On the drive into Oklahoma City, stop at the iconic Pops in Arcadia.

The old-fashioned soda shop has 700 flavored beverages, and serves them up alongside a 66-foot-tall neon soda bottle. It’s on to Texas today, for a quick crossing of the Panhandle. At this kitschy stop, you’ll learn all about the history, use and varieties of barbed wire. Then continue on to Amarillo, where you’ll spend the night. Before saying goodbye to Texas, make a pit stop in Adrian — the halfway point between Chicago and Los Angeles. Then cruise through Tucumcari, New Mexico, on your way to Albuquerque. Route 66, Godt says, with campy stopovers and shops like Tee Pee Curios, Godt says. About an hour outside of Albuquerque lies the Acoma Pueblo, the oldest continuously inhabited community in the U. Stop for a short visit here, then drive on to Flagstaff, Arizona, and wander the town’s eclectic, pedestrian-friendly downtown.

How To Make Money While Road Tripping

How To Make Money While Road Tripping Expert Advice

The Coyote dons an exquisite Acme costume or propulsion device that briefly allows him to catch up to the Road Runner, it becomes a much bigger investment. On other occasions, the largest of the structures in Chaco Canyon. I’m on the tall side!

How To Make Money While Road Tripping

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How To Make Money While Road Tripping

How To Make Money While Road Tripping

Make Flagstaff your base as you gear up for a day outdoors. Sedona, where you can view the breathtaking red sandstone canyon. There’s also the nearby the Coconino National Forest, home to the famous Ponderosa pines. Put Flagstaff in the rearview mirror and head west toward California. Stop for an early lunch at Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-In, a classic Route 66 diner serving up food along with a side of humor in Seligman, Arizona. The last stretch of Route 66 into Los Angeles is just over 130 miles and points due west.

The Route 66 sign on the Santa Monica Pier marks the end of your epic journey, so take time to revel in your sense of accomplishment. Day 14: Head home from  L. If you haven’t been to Los Angeles before, make sure to take a spin down Hollywood Boulevard before you depart. Then it’s wheels up as you head back home via Los Angeles International Airport. Money may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.

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One of the small comforts of watching a movie is knowing that, yeah, those guys might be idols up on the big screen, but off-camera they’re probably just like the rest of us: 30 pounds overweight, living in an abandoned semi-truck cab and selling weed for denture money. But every now and then, we come across actors whose real lives are even more incredible than their fake ones. If there’s one thing that Han Solo is really good at, besides stupid ear-piercing decisions, it’s being America’s favorite aging action hero. The assumption, of course, is that in real life, Harrison Ford is nothing like the smooth operator he plays in movies, especially after we get a gander at that screaming midlife crisis of an ear hole up there. And especiallyer after watching Ford high times it up on Conan a few weeks back. Sure you’ve flown a blimp Harrison Ford.

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How that helicopter remains airborne while carrying Ford’s testicles remains a mystery. Being more pimp than the characters you play is easy when your most famous character is, say, a belligerent office worker. Not so much when you’re best known as Jules Winnfield, paid assassin and B. Just the badassery it takes imagining the kind of life that would out-awesome Jules is a feat in itself. Your brain grows a Jherifro and starts threatening your other organs with violence in the effort. So for us to say that the real Samuel L. Most men look foolish with a wallet like that.