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Things are getting interesting in the U. Companies are hiring more workers, wages are starting to grow, and unemployment was down to 4. The situation isn’t perfect how To Make Money On Steam Market 2015 any means. The gap between the richest and poorest workers grows wider by the day. Many Americans have simply given up looking for a job.

But there’s been a renewed emphasis on worker’s rights in recent years. Things like paid leave, an increase in the minimum wage, and equal pay for women were largely overlooked during the recession, but have been top priorities for business leaders, the media, and politicians recently. Wage Growth Wage growth hit 2. June, the highest level since the Great Recession. But these numbers don’t tell the whole story. Wage growth is highly local, and varies drastically depending on industry. Glassdoor, which collects anonymous salary information, studied growth across 200 different job titles.

It found that some jobs are seeing double-digit gains. Unsurprisingly, those include jobs in the technology, health care, and financial sectors. Certified nursing assistants and sales managers have gotten nice raises. Strategists, financial advisors, and front-end developers are also enjoying wage gains well above the economy-wide average. Meanwhile, a more diverse set of jobs have actually suffered wage loss, like copywriters, delivery drivers, and property managers. Yet as MONEY reported, it’s the lowest-paying jobs—such as those at gas stations and food and beverage stores like Starbucks —that are actually seeing the biggest gains, thanks to increases in the minimum wage at the state and local level and a more educated workforce.

But as the unemployment rate drops and the workforce becomes increasingly more educated, employers will be forced to increase wages from the current minimum if they want to fill vacancies. As more jobs open up, wages are expected to grow further. But the growth will likely be slow. Bank of America Merrill Lynch wrote in a recent report provided to Bloomberg. However, the trend will be slow, and will likely remain below that of low pay sectors. 15 minimums over the next few years. 15, according to Pew, but it is a highly partisan issue. Opponents of raising the minimum wage say this will cause layoffs, as small businesses are squeezed. Higher wages will encourage employers to outsource to cheaper labor pools or automate positions.

15 minimum wage bill Tuesday, saying individual businesses should set their own wages. Equal pay has become one of the most visible efforts for gender equality in the workplace in recent years. The latest attempt to close the gap has been salary transparency: The Equal Opportunity Commission announced in January it wanted to institute a rule requiring companies with over 100 employees to disclose the compensation of their personnel, broken down by race and gender. Companies like Salesforce have reviewed their pay practices internally and made adjustments. SAP, a software company, found that this practice benefitted male workers as well as female, as members of both genders were given a pay hike.

How To Make Money On Steam Market 2015

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How To Make Money On Steam Market 2015

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Forbidding prospective employers from asking about pay history in job interviews is also picking up steam. New York City hopes to follow suit. And Tuesday, Eleanor Holmes Norton, the nonvoting delegate from Washington, D. Parental Leave Policies Likewise, the U. These are good things for working women, and good things for families. It’s also been spotlighted in this year’s presidential election.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has outlined a proposal for paid parental and medical leave. Gig Economy More than 53 million Americans work as freelancers, according to Upwork. Depending on you who you ask, this is either an indication that work as we know it is ending, or the natural progression of America’s entrepreneurial spirit. Sure, freelancers can make their own hours, but they must worry about covering their insurance and other costs. Whether or not you think freelancing and gig economy jobs are good for workers and the economy, however, they’re here to stay.

How To Make Money On Steam Market 2015

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How To Make Money On Steam Market 2015

And there are a lot of unique problems facing these workers. Other problems speak to larger structural issues of gig economy work. Uber drivers across the globe have made headlines for their efforts to unionize and be considered employees, rather than independent contractors. With an ever-increasing proportion of the population looking to make a living in the gig economy, these are issues that shouldn’t be overlooked. These are issues that future administrations in Washington and employers across America will be compelled to address.

Restructuring the Work Week Another trend gaining traction is the restructured work week: Firms are allowing more employees to work from home or shift hours away from the standard 9-to-5. Others are cutting back on the 40-hour work week altogether. Proponents of flexible hours and shorter weeks argue that the modern economy calls for them. Numerous studies have shown that humans can only be productive for so long. In other words, in an economy that doesn’t directly rely on manual labor as it did in the past, the 8-hour work day is no longer efficient. University of Melbourne on over-40 workers reads. After that, working hours have a negative impact on cognitive functioning.

This flexibility also benefits parents and those caring for sick relatives. And for those companies who want to retain the best of the best workers, flexibility is key. Money may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Quotes delayed at least 15 minutes. Market data provided by Interactive Data.

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