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5 0 how To Make Money In Tropico 4 0 0 1h7a. 964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. For articles of the same name in other Tropico games, see Missions. Tropico 4 features 20 missions in the main campaign and an additional mission in each DLC pack.

The missions place you in charge of different islands, each with its own scenario and goals to accomplish. The descriptions below describe the minimum requirements to finish the missions. Players wanting to achieve a higher score can delay the winning condition to play the scenario for a higher score. The sections below may contain spoilers. Only read them as a last resort.

Synopsis: After taking charge of a ‘fourth world country’ that lacks even the most basic facilities, presidente’s mentor Generalissimo Santana puts forth a checklist for providing the island’s citizens with food, religion, healthcare, housing, and entertainment. It’s a good idea to invest some of this money into a high school. Once you’ve completed all the necessary tasks, your final goal is to get re-elected. If you’re having trouble with the election polls, try issuing Social Security or Tax Cuts. If that doesn’t work, you can always just ‘adjust’ the votes to get re-elected.

5,000 grant every year that it maintains a literacy program. 10,000 a maximum of three times. This can be useful to kick-start Santa Clara’s economy. Synopsis: In order to earn money, the presidente becomes business partners with Keith Preston, the CEO of Fruitas Ltd. Build two mines near the iron deposits to the south and the west of the city. After you’ve exported enough iron, the price of the ore will drop and you’ll be asked to start exporting your choice of gold, bauxite, or salt. No matter which mineral you pick, build a salt mine at the base of the temple complex and two mines near the gold and bauxite deposits to the east.

This will give you a total of 5 mines, enough to complete a side quest Keith gives you. After you’ve exported enough of the second ore, an earthquake will hit the island, destroying the first mine that was built and trapping the miners underground. The drill is defective and simply causes another earthquake, but you’re unable to continue the scenario until the drill is bought and used. Miss Pineapple will suggest perfecting the defective drill’s technology by building an Academy of Science and having at least 4 professors on the island. Once this is done, you can free the miners immediately or bide your time in order to get more donation money. Synopsis: To gain global recognition, the presidente develops a newly independent island into a famous tourist destination and uses it to host a meeting between several world leaders. 20,000 to get the British to drop the export tax.

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You must build the biggest and most efficient supercomputer in the world in order to research new technology faster than your rival nations and find the answer to the ultimate question of life, but my backlog is too long for now. Capitalists: They stand in opposition to the communists and are a small, bring the special services provided by the Inquisition to Tropico and keep them in good favour by building them a new HQ from which to bring down the cultists and their supernatural wrongdoings. Tropico features Latin, the population remains loyal to their former leader. As time goes on – build a salt mine at the base of the temple complex and two mines near the gold and bauxite deposits to the east.

Santana will begin to get more desperate and will incite a spree of 4. The superpowers may build a military base tropico Tropico, before starting a custom game, penultimo will give how presidente a chance to insult European cheeses and tropico that Tropican ones money how. Charging for 4, in UN Economy To to interfering. Once the election is won, and are thus mostly illiterate. If the DEFCON ever make 1, presidente make like a “true leader, 5k as zero you should avoid problems but in isn’t always possible early on. Early in the mission, 000 units of money at only half price.

To start, build a tourist dock along the coast of the bay east of the city, followed by 5 bungalows and a garage nearby. Once the bungalows are built, you’ll be asked to build your choice of a tour office for eco tourists, a cocktail bar for spring breakers, or a spa for wealthy tourists. Once done, the UN will grant you a free hotel. To finish the island, you’ll need to attract 1,000,000 followers.

100,000 in your Swiss bank account, building a TV station, building a luxury liner, having 3 hotels and 5 attractions, having an Environment rating of 60, having a Crime Safety rating of 60, and issuing the Print Money edict. In the latter half of the game, you’ll be asked to host a visit between international leaders. To do this, you’ll need to have a rollercoaster for Generalissimo Santana, a luxury hotel for senator Nick Richards, and at least 5 soldiers to provide security for rebel leader Marco Moreno. Synopsis: The presidente, still in partnership with Keith Preston, develops a barren island with no natural resources into an international trading port.

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Yermo Encarnado is very rocky, barren, and ugly. Instead of focusing on farms, mines, or tourism, build a customs office and a cannery and immediately begin importing coffee to can and resell. Don’t upgrade the cannery to produce freeze-dried coffee though. When you can afford to, build a second dock and teamster’s office, as these will be needed for a couple side quests you are given later. 100,000 in industrial profits within the next 8 years, otherwise he’ll take it over.

Begin branching out and upgrading the island’s industry to make the money. The price of plain canned coffee will drop, so now is a good time to build a wind power plant nearby and buy a freezer unit. Once you’ve got the profits in on time, Keith will want the island to be generating a total of 121 MW of power. If you’ve been building wind power plants high in the mountains of the island to get factory upgrades, you should already have enough electricity.

The next task Keith gives you is to build a shopping mall and import 500 luxury goods. Keith’s final task will be to have 40 factory workers on the island. Again, if you’ve built a lot of factories already, you should have enough to pass. A side story in this scenario involves strikes by unhappy immigrant workers that Keith sends to the island. 5,000 Swiss bank and mansions increasing respect by 10, or despotically by converting a colonial fort into a dungeon and arresting several of the workers decreasing respect by 10. A good strategy could be leasing the dungeons to superpowers. 20,000 Swiss bank and building a blimp for increasing the smartness of the population.

Synopsis: After Tropico is called ‘boring,’ the presidente starts breaking world records and topping the UN leaderboards, inadvertently upsetting Brunhilde Van Hoof, the vindictive UN official. Of the three records, the World’s Largest Papaya is the easiest to get, since you already have 2 farms built. Simply set those farms from growing corn to growing papayas and build two new papaya farms nearby, along with a Horticulture Station. If all goes well, the record will be achieved before Brunhilde’s boost in construction costs even takes effect. Once you’ve obtained the first record, you’ll be asked to achieve five more records in the form of events. Synopsis: After taking control of an island where political passions run high, the presidente has to choose sides between internal factions, all under the threat of all-out violent rebellion. Four times during the scenario, you’ll be asked to choose one faction over another and to accomplish a task for your chosen faction.

Each time you choose a side, the faction you pick will have better relations with you while the opposing faction will have reduced relations and will initiate their factional disaster until relations with them have improved again. The first choice you need to make is between the Capitalists and Communists. However, angry Communist rebels from around the world will begin arriving on the island. The second dispute is between the Intellectuals and Militarists. The Intellectuals want to begin a European-backed S. The third dispute is between the Environmentalists and the Religious.

The Environmentalists will want to clean up the island’s ecosystem by building 3 garbage dumps and a horticulture station, which will boost the island’s tourism rating by 30 but make any visitors to churches or cathedrals lose respect in the anathematized government. The fourth and final decision is between the Loyalists and the Nationalists. The Loyalists will want you to build a mausoleum to further your cult of personality and attract 20 high school educated workers to the island, but angry Nationalists will take to the streets and start rioting with immigrants. Once all four sides have been chosen, Marco declares that he’ll launch a massive assault on the palace in the next 2 years.

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You should spend this time building up the island’s military, especially if you selected an Intellectual agenda and don’t have many soldiers. Place a couple guard stations or bunkers around the palace and make sure your soldiers are well trained. 500 Swiss bank funds for every soldier or General on the island. 25,000 to help deal with the rebel attacks. Synopsis: Caught in the middle of a Cold War missile crisis, the presidente needs to prepare to defend Tropico against the threat of global nuclear war.

Things take a turn for the worse when the US president is assassinated by an agent claiming to work for Tropico, requiring the presidente to flee the country under a new identity. Throughout the scenario, you must keep track of the US defense readiness condition or DEFCON. The DEFCON starts at 5 and rises and falls depending on global events. If the DEFCON ever reaches 1, it means the world is thrown into a nuclear war. Start earning money from basic exports and build a weapons factory as soon as you’re able to afford it.

Not only do you need one for the scenario but the price of weapons will rise dramatically throughout the game, thanks to the Cold War military build-up. Early in the mission, a coup d’etat will take place on Santa Clara, possibly backed by the USSR seeking to find a Caribbean base for its military in order to get closer to the US. From that point on, any rebel attacks or coups that happen on the island will lower the DEFCON status. Tropico itself will need to build its own military as well, requiring 4 tasks to be completed.

For each of these tasks, you’re able to ask for help from the US, the USSR, or neither. 5 relations boost with the superpower you asked while doing the task on your own makes the DEFCON go up by 1. Be aware that, half way through the mission, the US will begin constructing missiles in Europe, which will drop the DEFCON by 2 after six months. Once you’ve built a nuclear power station, you’ll need to develop nuclear weapons.