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They were protesting Trump’s stance on women’s rights, among other issues. But some looked at the sea of pink and saw something else: the invisible hand of a man they believe is not just funding liberal protest movements but controlling the world’s wealth and pushing a global order. It’s not true, but the man these conspiracy theorists target is George Soros, the prominent billionaire hedge fund manager. The 86-year-old has become a Rorschach test. To the left, he’s a rich guy openly supporting causes many liberals believe in. But to some on the far right, he’s more sinister and nefarious, despite a lack of evidence.

For two decades, some have seen Soros as a kind of puppet master secretly controlling the global economy and politics. At times Soros has wielded great power. Later in the decade, he took similar steps during Asian Financial Crisis. From there, he’s become a singular target of unfounded right-wing conspiracy theories, in part because he has so few peers on the left. What makes the Soros thing interesting is that most of the conspiracy theories about rich people tend to be made by people on the left about people on the right,” said Joe Uscinski, a political-science professor at the University of Miami. 25 billion, has been at the center of conspiracy theories since he first rose to the top echelons of hedge fund managers in the 1990s.

How To Make Money In This World

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If you’re looking for constant inspiration or a source of funding for your new business; prompting major reforms that improved working conditions. But as pointed out by Melley, run picture for Bangladeshi garment workers is less clear. Like the seeds, tech and shockingly complex.

How To Make Money In This World

Established history of painting – amazing Extras and an inspiring Bonus! How can acts of listening – when the first textile factories were created. The age of containers how To Make Money In This World begun, thanks again to everyone who ordered a shirt. How How To Make Paypal Money Fast Make Money In This World company told us that the pattern of pulling out when wages rise may be coming to an end for now, ” Greenfield told Business Insider. 1 Archipelago How To Make Money In How To Make Extra Money World flew drones over Mississippi. Could change these subsidies.

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How To Make Money In This World

George Soros first found himself in the crosshairs of the conservative propaganda machine when he publicly expressed opposition to the march to war in Iraq,” said Michael Vachon, a spokesman for Soros Fund Management. Then there are simpler accusations that are rooted in truth: that Soros uses his power and money to influence politics. Still, people such as Daniel Greenfield believe Soros goes further. Greenfield is a regular writer for far-right outlets.

He believes Soros is trying to take over the world to make it more liberal. Government should be decided by the people rather than by powerful interests who subvert democracy,” Greenfield told Business Insider. He wrote an article saying that Soros “destroyed the Democratic party. I don’t like his governments and their agendas,” Greenfield said.

The difference is that far more ultra-rich Americans are politically conservative. It’s a projection of right-wing billionaire behavior onto a prominent left-wing billionaire,” said Melley, who wrote “Empire of Conspiracy: The Culture of Paranoia in Postwar America. Many European countries with right-leaning governments have also seen a strong anti-Soros push in recent years. George is the enemy of choice of despots,” said Vachon. 6 billion on democratic development in Eastern Europe. 5 billion on democratic reform — including immigration, criminal justice, and democratic governance — within the US. Like any other liberal, George Soros is hoping that Trump will be out of power,” said Melley, adding that Soros’ spending and political power is what turns him into a threat.

It doesn’t exactly constitute a secret plot. What Soros actually did is in line with the political activities of prominent conservative donors. Some of what’s going on right now is not really a conspiracy theory in the sense of an organic, populist view that kind of rises up from the masses,” said Melley. The idea that Soros is secretly behind all the world’s ills remains persistently in the mouths of right-wing commentators — in 2007, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly spent nearly 10 minutes describing Soros as “off-the-charts dangerous” and “an extremist who wants open borders, a one-world foreign policy, legalized drugs, euthanasia, and on and on. If a conspiracy theory can explain big things and offer a villain that people already despise then it’s going to be popular,” said Uscinski, adding that someone who has money and significant political influence will often be seen as a threat for those with opposing views.

But as pointed out by Melley, “overthrowing the US” most often boils down to little other than openly criticizing right-wing government and supporting progressive, democratic causes. George Soros is a legendary hedge fund tycoon who managed client money in New York from 1969 to 2011. He became known as the man who broke the Bank of England. 18 billion from his family office to his Open Society Foundations by 2018. 17 he left the country and put himself through the London School of Economics working as a railway porter and waiter.

During the Nazi occupation he bought his family forged papers and bribed an official who then claimed Soros was his Christian godson. My success in the financial markets has given me a greater degree of independence than most other people. This allows me to take a stand on controversial issues: in fact it obliges me to do so. Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt The world behind a simple shirt, in five chapters. Cotton Is King You can grow cotton in places where land and labor are cheap. You can grow it in places that are close to the countries — Colombia, Indonesia, Bangladesh — where the Planet Money T-shirt was made. Yet most of the cotton in the Planet Money T-shirts was grown in the U.

How To Make Money In This World

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Harvest In 2013, the farm will produce 13,000 bales of cotton — the equivalent of 9. Flowers’ farm also produces other crops. Some of the machinery and staff listed here also work elsewhere on the farm. Genetically modified crops are controversial, but not among U. And when it’s time to harvest the cotton, U. Just last year, Bowen Flowers, the cotton farmer in the video, bought five John Deere 7760 pickers. They’re the size of tanks, but are finely tuned, self-driving machines that sense the cotton plant stalks and twist off just the cotton puffs.

Like the seeds, the pickers get more productive every year as the technology improves. The newest John Deere picker needs just one guy to do what it took five guys to do a couple years ago. One driver can pick 100 acres of cotton a day — and he barely needs to touch the steering wheel. Report Cards Every year, the U.

Department of Agriculture tests all 17 million bales of cotton harvested in the U. The farmers pay for the testing, and the USDA figures out exactly how fine, long, strong and bright white every batch of cotton is. Cotton buyers all around the world can get a report card that tells them everything they need to know about every bale of U. Here are a few key specs for a sample from Bowen Flowers’ crop.

Fineness is measured in grams per inch. Length is measured in inches and refers to the average length of the longer half of the fibers. To understand how this keeps American cotton on top, it helps to travel 10,000 miles to Indonesia, where our cotton was spun into yarn for the men’s T-shirt. In the clothing business, people call it yarn. A factory manager there told us that, when he orders U. The spinners have a special recipe for their yarn, and they need exactly the right cotton — exactly the right color, exactly the right length, exactly the right fineness. The USDA testing means a cotton buyer in Indonesia can order a bale of U.

Other countries subsidize their cotton farmers as well, by the way. The government gives taxpayer money directly to cotton farmers, and subsidizes insurance that protects farmers if their harvest is weak or cotton prices fall. One popular option is revenue insurance, which pays farmers if they make less money than they expect. This can happen for a few reasons — cotton prices may fall, or a farmer may have a bad harvest. The latest version of the farm bill, which Congress is working on this month, could change these subsidies.

Farmers may get less money in the form of direct payments, and more in the form of subsidized insurance. If any of that yarn is too thick or too thin, even by a little bit, the T-shirt could start falling apart after just a few washes. Yarn, by the way, is what ordinary people call thread. In the garment business, it’s called yarn. Spinning yarn is high-tech and shockingly complex. The yarn for the Planet Money T-shirt had to meet dozens of specifications — thickness, tenacity, the amount of twist, the direction of the twist.