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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. How To Make Money In Legion 7.2 to navigation Jump to search This article is about a war veterans organization. Five-pointed star with the insignia “U. This design is enclosed in a wreath.

Encircling the star and the wreath are the words “American Legion” set in deep blue enamel. Sede nacional de la Legión Estadounidense, Indianápolis, Estados Unidos, 2012-10-22, DD 01. The American Legion is a U. It is made up of state, U. The organization played the leading role in drafting and passing of the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944, otherwise known as the “GI Bill. In addition to organizing commemorative events, members provide assistance at VA hospitals and clinics.

Veterans who served at least one day of active duty during wartime, or are serving now, are potentially eligible for membership in The American Legion. Members must have been honorably discharged or still serving honorably. American World War I veteran, Frank Buckles, died in 2011. Membership peaked for The American Legion right after World War II, when enrollments doubled from 1. After the Korean War, there were 2. As the baby boomers joined, its membership increased to 3. However, membership has slowly been decreasing since then. In 2013, National Headquarters of The American Legion reported 2.

The aftermath of two American wars in the second half of the 19th century had seen the formation of several ex-soldiers’ organizations. The Legion believes in making instantly available to our country, in case of war, all men who already have military or technical training valuable in modern warfare by land or sea. Concerned about the United States’ absence from the world war and the preparedness of its army and navy, magazine editor Arthur Sullivant Hoffman and writer Stephen Allan Reynolds founded The American Legion in February 1915, inspired by a letter from reader E. With the termination of hostilities in World War I in November 1918, some American officers who had been participants in the conflict began to think about creating a similar organization for the two million men who had been on European duty. This situation was a particular matter of concern to Lt. Twenty National Guard and Reserve officers serving in the A.

Included in this number were Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. The session of reserve and regular officers was instructed to provide a set of laws to curb the problem of declining morale. After three days, the officers presented a series of proposals, including eliminating restrictive regulations, organizing additional athletic and recreational events, and expanding leave time and entertainment programs. Preparations for a convention in Paris began apace. A convention call was prepared by Wood and “invitations” distributed to about 2,000 officers and enlisted men and publicized in the March 14, 1919 issue of Stars and Stripes. The site of Ferdinand Branstetter Post No.

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1 of The American Legion is a vacant lot in Van Tassell, Wyoming, where the first American Legion post in the United States was established in 1919. The post was named after Ferdinand Branstetter, a Van Tassell resident who died in World War I. The structure housing the post has since been demolished. The site was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1969. The first post of The American Legion, General John Joseph Pershing Post Number 1 in Washington, D. March 7, 1919, and obtained the first charter issued to any post of the Legion on May 19, 1919. Louis caucus that same year decided that Legion posts should not be named after living persons, and the first post changed its name to George Washington Post 1.

The post completed the constitution and made plans for a permanent organization. United States Naval Reserve Force, for a charter to organize a Post to be known as the “Betsy Ross Post No . In October of that same year, the post changed its name to U. Jacob Jones, which commemorated the Navy heritage of the members.

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Congress granted The American Legion a national charter in September 1919. American Legion China Post One, formed in 1919 one year after the “great war” and chartered by The American Legion on April 20, 1920, was originally named the General Frederick Townsend Ward Post No. Having immediately received a blizzard of acceptances to attend the opening of the “Liberty League Caucus”, as he had begun to refer to it, Temporary Secretary Eric Fisher Wood began to search for use of a room of sufficient size to contain the gathering. The Cirque de Paris had been retained, a large, multisided amphitheater sufficient to accommodate a crowd of about 2,000. As “Temporary Chairman” Teddy Roosevelt, Jr. America, the session was gaveled to order by Eric Wood, who briefly recounted Roosevelt’s idea and the story of the 20 AEF officers who had jointly helped to give the new organization form. Convention rules were decided upon and four 15-member committees were chosen.

The Committee on Constitution reported with a report containing the draft of a Preamble for the organization, specifying organizational objectives. Association for the furtherance of the foregoing purposes. The majority report of the Committee on Convention recommended that 11 am on November 11, 1919—one year to the hour after the termination of hostilities in World War I—be selected as the date and time for the convocation of a national convention. The Committee on Permanent Organization recommended an organization based upon territorial units rather than those based upon military organizations, governed by an Executive Committee of 50, with half of these coming from the officer corps and the other half coming from the ranks of enlisted men. This cover of the first official organ of The American Legion emphasizes the unemployment problem facing many ex-soldiers during the post-war recession. American preparatory to a formal organizational convention was deemed necessary.

This was a conclave dominated by the presence of Theodore Roosevelt Jr. A minor crisis followed when Roosevelt twice declined nomination for permanent chairman of the session, to the consternation of many overwrought delegates, who sought to emphasize the symbolism of President Theodore Roosevelt’s son maintaining the closest of connections with the organization. Louis Caucus was largely shaped by the fundamental decisions made by the earlier Paris Caucus. Its agenda was in addition carefully prepared by a 49-member “Advance Committee”, which included at least one delegate from each fledgling state organization and which drew up a draft program for the organization in advance of the convention’s opening. As time before the scheduled start of the convention was short, delegation to the assembly was highly irregular. On April 10, 1919, Temporary Secretary Eric Fisher Wood mailed a letter to the Governor of every state, informing them of the forthcoming gathering and making note of the non-partisan and patriotic nature of the League.

Louis Caucus were enthusiastic although the session was not a productive one. Fully two days were invested choosing ceremonial officers and selecting Minneapolis as the site for the organization’s formal Founding Convention in the fall. The preamble of the constitution adopted in St. A particularly hard line was taken towards the American radical movement, with one resolution passed on the final day calling on Congress to “pass a bill or immediately deporting every one of those Bolsheviks or Industrial Workers of the World. Hundreds of thousands of African-Americans were in segregated units in World War I, mostly assigned to non-combat duties. The early American Legion left the question of integration, the formation of segregated “Negro” posts, or exclusion of black soldiers from membership altogether up to the states and the posts themselves, often resulting in gross disparities of opportunity. The formal founding convention was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota from November 10 to 12, 1919.

It was attended by 684 delegates from around the United States. From the outset The American Legion maintained a strictly nonpartisan orientation towards electoral politics. The American Legion or in any branch or post thereof. One semi-official historian of the organization has noted the way that this explicit refusal to affiliate with one or another political party had the paradoxical effect of rapidly building great political power for the organization, as politicians from both of the “old parties” competed for the favor of the Legion’s massive and active membership. One of the gathering’s primary accomplishment was the establishment of a permanent National Legislative Committee to advance the Legion’s political objectives as its lobbying arm. The first iteration of this official Washington, D.

Chief on the Legion’s legislative agenda was a dramatic improvement of the level of compensation for soldiers who suffered permanent disability during the war. The American Legion’s chief base of support during its first years was among the officers corps of the reserves and the National Guard. That a large standing army is uneconomic and un-American. National safety with freedom from militarism is best assured by a national citizen army and navy based on the democratic principles of equality of obligation and opportunity for all.

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