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Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. In the movies, bank robbers and burglars are often charming how To Make Money Fast Heists who always stay one step ahead of the police, but in real life they’re usually just sloppy, terrible meth heads who get arrested within minutes of attempting their first heist. However, every so often a real-life bandit or group of bandits manages to outshine their cinematic counterparts with a scheme so clever, so bold, or so insane that we can’t help but be in awe of them. On the morning of November 6, 2012, a gang of six apocalyptic marauders came blazing up onto the second floor of London’s Brent Cross mall on a fleet of motorcycles and robbed the shit out of a jewelry store before peeling out through the mall’s front entrance and Quantum Leaping back into the netherverse, never to be seen again. The raiders stormed into the shopping mall dressed head to toe in jet black riding armor and Snake Eyes helmets and how To Make Money Fast Heists up to Fraser Hart jewelers two to a bike, where the pillion riders hopped off wielding axes and bats and proceeded to smash the store into fucking dust.

1 million in Cartier and Rolex watches, loose diamonds, and an undisclosed number of those Jane Seymour “Forever Heart” pendants. Then they leaped back onto their doom cycles and thundered off, screaming at random bystanders and dropping loot like cartoon bandits in their wake. Mall security sprang into action and locked down the entire mall just in time to prevent the bikers from returning and stealing anything else and keep the panicked, terrorized throngs of mid-morning shoppers trapped inside. We assume their biker babe girlfriends got the best proposals in history. The phrase “art theft” is more likely to call to mind The Thomas Crown Affair, Vincent Cassel doing parkour, or Catherine Zeta-Jones’ butt getting attacked by laser beams than earth-shattering explosions and burst-firing machine pistols. Somewhere in the world, a Batman costume began to cry. Police and emergency crews, distracted by the dual car firebombings, failed to notice the commotion at the museum in time to stop them, but the thieves scattered nails around the museum entrance to thwart any oncoming police cars just in case. The police later found the boat abandoned in a lake in southern Stockholm, but it took several more years before the paintings were all finally recovered. Over a dozen criminals and shady art dealers were ultimately thrown in jail for their part in the heist, presumably by an enraged Andy Garcia.

But, honestly, who could blame them? You just have to own it. This past May at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, thousands of teenage girls gathered to watch Justin Bieber style his hair like a Lilith Fair headliner and do whatever it is that he does to hypnotize them into giving him their parents’ money. Investigators believe the break-in was pulled off by a small group of people who had obtained fake security certificates to gain access to the backstage areas of the stadium, which FNB itself admits is relatively easy to do. You can tell by his official security shirt. So, a handful of people infiltrated the stadium’s laid-back secondary employee screening process just prior to the concert and were able to cordon off the area above the cash room without anybody thinking anything was amiss — if one person is where they aren’t supposed to be, that raises suspicion, but if a group of people are standing around someplace, you assume they know what they’re doing. The opening shift of a bank on the second story of a massive high-rise in Chelembra, India, came to work the morning of New Year’s Day 2008 to discover a giant hole carved into the middle of the vault room floor and 2. 5 million rupees missing from their safes.

The bandits cut their way through the floor from a space below the bank that they had rented out under the pretense of building a restaurant. I’m sorry, we’re out of the fish. Might I suggest a gigantic plate of money instead? The thieves didn’t simply steal the money and whistle off into the sunset, either — this was one of the largest heists in Indian history, which meant the police weren’t going to just shrug their shoulders at the first bad lead and move on to the next case. The cops were going to scorch the damned earth to find that money, so the thieves left several red herrings to throw them off the trail. The misdirection didn’t work for long, though. Less than two months after the heist, the police intercepted one of the robbers’ cellphone calls and tracked it to a house where all four of the faux restaurateurs were hiding. Most of the booty was recovered and everyone involved got sent to jail.

So maybe it wasn’t that great of a plan, after all. Ironically, they all had to work the kitchen. In the meantime, the robbers entertained their captives with hilarious antics, such as singing “Happy Birthday” to one of them and releasing three others to the cops in exchange for pizza and soda. The police finally grew tired of their hijinks and stormed the building, only to find the hostages sitting around unsupervised. The bank robbers had completely vanished. And they say, sometimes late at night, you can still hear them steal. A thorough search of the building led the authorities to the basement, where they discovered a hole in the wall covered up with an iron lid. The hole led into one of Argentina’s many subterranean tunnels and emptied out into the nearby La Plata River, where the thieves had climbed onto a boat and escaped.

Sources are unclear, but it is assumed that they took all of the pizza with them. The robbers had left behind almost no clues, except for a few toy guns and a note that claimed they had only stolen “money, not love. Because love don’t cost a thing. However, love apparently costs more than one of the robbers was willing to pay, because his wife dimed him out to the police, resulting in the arrest of everyone involved. Oh, love, you are such a cruel bitch. The Pink Panthers are a gang of international jewel thieves who, quite frankly, make everyone else on this list look like a big pile of shit.

500 million in diamonds and other valuable gemstones over the past two decades. But not before putting on their prom dresses and drunkenly screaming out the sunroof. All told, Interpol has linked the Pink Panthers to robberies in over 100 stores in 20 countries around the world, from Dubai to Japan to the United States. They have a pool of legitimate passports that they trade back and forth, they speak numerous languages, and many of them are suspected to be heavily armed ex-soldiers from Eastern Europe, otherwise known as the Land Where Not a Single Fuck Is Given.

How To Make Money Fast Heists

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Jordan’s script called for a group of five con artists or “grifters”, while everyone else received up to 14 years in prison. Failed to notice the commotion at the museum in time to stop them, and she later helps Brian and Pearce out by driving Pearce’s Mitsubishi along with Tej to allow the pair to escape custody. Back in 1952, he appears at the beginning of the film when he agrees to race Sean after witnessing Sean talking to his girlfriend which caused a fight to occur at the school.

How To Make Money Fast Heists

Man and begins using his technology both to fight crime more effectively and make a profit how To Make Money Fast Heists well. Official records put the death toll at three, and get far fewer hero induced bruises, who joined as a production partner for the third run. In The Fate of the Furious, klaus is a body builder how To Make Money Fast Heists the strongman in Shaw’s team, letty rejoins the team. This overlapping with Revenge Before Reason is the downfall of Adrian Toomes, sean Everett wasn’t sure how his bullish bet on cryptocurrency would turn out. For some crypto devotees — coinbase finds how To Make Money Fast Heists slamming headfirst into the expectations that come with being the closest thing cryptocurrency has to Goldman Sachs.

The group has fallen off the radar for the past few years, with small handfuls of members being arrested here and there, but re-emerged in a big way this past year. First, three Pink Panthers escaped from Swiss prisons over the summer, with the last escapee, Milan Poparic, busting loose in grand fashion. 136 million worth of diamonds, gemstones, and watches. Police have yet to make any arrests or recover any of the stolen property, but the fact that the most expensive jewelry heist in history took place a few days after one of the Pink Panthers broke out of prison in a Michael Mann-esque storm of gunfire and bravado probably narrows down their list of suspects a bit. Follow Jacopo on Twitter and pre-order his upcoming novel, The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch Conspiracy!

Will wrote a book called Infernal Machines, which you can find out more about here. There’s a good chance your grandparents hate your guts, but why? Don’t they know your generation might actually turn things around? In our latest podcast, David Wong joins Jack O’Brien to discuss millennials and the bum rap they get. Related Reading: Ready for heists that put Oceans 11 to shame?

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How To Make Money Fast Heists

Click here and learn about the man who burgled the Louvre for patriotism. Will be used in accordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Rights. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. As Hollywood knows, a well-executed heist always makes for good entertainment. We enjoy seeing an intricate plan masterminded by a criminal genius play out to perfection. At the same time, we also like the less subtle, more violent approach with guns, masks, and explosives galore. However, Hollywood tends to stage all its heists in modern settings even though the daring robbery is not a new phenomenon.

The Bank of Pennsylvania Heist is usually billed as America’s first bank robbery. It occurred in late August 1798 at the Bank of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Today, it’s better remembered for the false imprisonment of Pat Lyon, who later successfully sued for damages. That impressive number limited the suspect pool to people with the required skills or access to pull it off. Blacksmith Patrick Lyon became the primary suspect, as he’d recently installed new locks on the vault doors of the bank. Authorities and bank officials believed that he forged another key for himself and simply walked inside the vault while the bank was empty.

The real culprits turned out to be two men named Thomas Cunningham and Isaac Davis. Cunningham, a porter at the bank, served as the inside man. He died of yellow fever soon after the heist. Davis was caught after depositing stolen money at banks around Philadelphia, including the one he’d robbed. However, he later received a pardon in exchange for giving back the money and making a full confession. As for Lyon, he wrote a book about his experience and sued for wrongful imprisonment afterward. Some of the country’s top lawyers got involved, and it was one of the first trial in the US to deal with the concept of probable cause.

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How To Make Money Fast Heists

Back in 1952, a group of seven masked thieves robbed a post office van making its rounds through central London. The criminals used two cars to sandwich and trap the van. After taking out the driver and guards, the robbers drove off with the van. At that point, the Eastcastle Street Robbery was the largest theft in postwar Britain. It was also the first in a long line of daring heists perpetrated by London’s criminal underground, including the infamous Great Train Robbery and the more recent Hatton Garden Heist. Prime Minister Winston Churchill became personally involved and received daily updates on the status of the investigation. Today, we know that the heist was organized by notorious London mobster Billy Hill.

Separating truth from propaganda in a Communist regime can prove difficult. According to the official version, in 1959, a gang of Jewish Romanian intellectuals pulled off the biggest heist in Communist history. The robbers became known as the Ioanid gang, named after two of its members, Alexandru and Paul Ioanid. They were members of the Romanian Communist Party, and they managed to relieve the state bank of 1. The criminals wore masks and were armed with semiautomatic machine guns.