How To Make Money By Having Sex

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How To Make Money By Having Sex

How To Make Money By Having Sex Expert Advice

Intended to be a humorous rendering of ghetto life, especially the decision to release the film with the three endings split up into different theaters. I was actually on vacation with my family, based on a script written by Pamela Pettler. As we discuss the movie over French fries at a Los Angeles diner, i stumbled upon a mystery that has stayed with me my entire life.

How To Make Money By Having Sex

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How To Make Money By Having Sex

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Video speaker showdown: Which one is best? 50 for Black Friday and expected to be big sellers. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. The original version of this story, published Sept. 2, 2013, did not include any comments from actor Tim Curry due to a stroke he suffered in 2012. When I was 11 or 12, I stumbled upon a mystery that has stayed with me my entire life. I was idly channel-flipping while hanging with friends on a lazy summer evening.

At some point, I came across a movie set inside an old-fashioned New England mansion packed with adults in fancy party clothes racing around and screaming at each other. After maybe five minutes of madcap banter and murderous revelations, someone in the room said, “Wait, I think this is based on Clue? The very idea that someone could make a movie based on a board game was just so tremendously silly that even though we barely understood what was going on, we could not tear our eyes away from it. And how was it possible we never had heard of it? When we got to the movie’s three different endings — each resolving the whodunit murder in different, increasingly loopy ways — we all knew we had just seen something unlike anything we’d seen before, and we had to watch the whole thing, immediately.

One emergency trip to Blockbuster later, and a lifelong love affair with Clue was born. I am far from alone, but as is the case for so many movies with devoted cult followings, you either get Clue or you don’t. Or, two, I am greeted with a gaze akin to if I had proclaimed monkey’s brains to be my favorite recipe: Really? To be fair, when Clue opened in theaters on Dec. It was also massacred by most critics, many of whom were dismayed by the then unprecedented — and, for the time, scandalously crass — notion of basing a feature film on a popular family board game.

Yet today, Clue is a true cult sensation, a prime example of how a discarded scrap of Hollywood commerce can, through the transubstantiation of time and word-of-mouth, become one of the most beloved films of the 1980s. I rounded up as many of the movie’s main players as possible to unravel the mystery of Clue. I’m going to tell you how it was all done. Levis and an untucked dress shirt. With the dogs safely sent away, Lynn explains that he’s in town to direct a stage adaptation of the British TV series Yes Prime Minister.

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How To Make Money By Having Sex

That show was itself a spin-off of Lynn’s first success in television, Yes Minister, a keenly observed political satire in the early 1980s that was said to be a favorite of Margaret Thatcher’s. It is also the reason we’re even having this conversation. Lynn barely had a chance to sit down at their meeting before Guber declared, “I’ve got just the project for you — Clue! He’s the only person I’ve ever met who can talk without apparently breathing for minutes at a time,” says Lynn.

He was immensely entertaining, and why he decided after about three minutes that I was the perfect person for this, I didn’t know. I didn’t have an ambition to direct something like Clue,” says Lynn, “but when somebody offers you a movie to direct, by and large, you say yes. If it’s the first time you’ve had such an offer, it may be the last time. Landis’ enthusiasm was doubly impressive considering that by that point, he’d been giving this pitch for a few years. When Hill, who had secured the movie rights, first approached Landis about directing the movie, he didn’t flinch at the fact it was based on a board game. It was the classic murder-mystery setup with a bunch of characters,” says Landis. I just loved the idea of playing it as farce.

He first turned to playwright Tom Stoppard, whose 1968 play The Real Inspector Hound is a delightful deconstruction of the very notion of the murder mystery. Landis says Stoppard toiled on a script for Clue for a full year — and then he hit a wall too. I’ll never forget it,” says Landis. I got a letter from him, literally a year later, on this beautiful onion-skin paper, very elegant stationery, basically saying, ‘I give up! Undeterred, Landis next approached Stephen Sondheim — yes, the famed musical theater genius — and Anthony Perkins — yes, Norman Bates from Psycho — to write Clue.

Landis had been a great admirer of a 1973 “Hollywood pastiche” murder mystery the two had written together called The Last of Sheila. It’s bitchery of a high level, as are Stephen Sondheim and Tony Perkins. Besides being great friends, they were also real mystery buffs. Eventually, five writers later, Landis remembered loving Yes Minister the last time he’d worked in London. It’s a very clever show,” he says. They were really little mini-masterpieces — textbook construction.

But once the thrill of the meeting wore off, Lynn realized that there still was no story. There were still a lot of unrelated actions that would have been interesting had there been an explanation, and a lot of characters who weren’t characters, they were just colors,” says Lynn. And so I went back to my hotel room and phoned my agent and said, ‘This is a total waste of time. Why don’t I come home now? And he said, ‘Well, now you’re there — why don’t you just try and think of something? Those daft color-based names were now pseudonyms for Washington, D.

To Lynn’s great surprise, Landis, Hill, Guber, and Guber’s producing partner Jon Peters all loved the script. Not only did it satisfy all of Landis’ requirements, it was teeming with screwball one-liners and rapid-fire repartee. There was just one snag: In the time Lynn took to write the script, Landis had agreed to direct the Cold War comedy Spies Like Us. In today’s Hollywood, a big-name director dropping out of a movie that has no major stars attached to it would have likely signaled the end of the project. Instead, Landis simply asked Lynn if he wanted to take on the directing duties himself, with Landis becoming an executive producer.