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GW2 Mawdrey Ascended Backpiece and Mawdrey II plant crafting how To Make Easy Money In Mount And Blade Warband. Note: If you received the Pet Seed from Cultivated Seed during the August 12 patch, you can make the Mawdrey backpiece without having to make the Cultivated Vine backpiece due to the August 13 patch. It is unknown if this is intended. Mawdrey is the Ascended backpiece you can craft. It is unknown if this is the final version of the backpiece.

To craft this one, you need to make the initial Mysterious Vine backpiece and then the Cultivated Vine backpiece. It can only eat 200 Bloodstone Dust per day and give you a Gift for each 50 Bloodstone Dust it eats. The gifts are mostly greens, some gathered plants, and general junk. Clay Pot is crafted by 400 Artificer and requires the following materials. Alternatively, you can purchase it on the TP. Step 2: Elementally Charged Plant Food. Go to the NE corner of Diessa Plateau, you will find a Font of Rhand Portal inside Incendio Templum. Avoid the pressure plates in the first room and kill the statues to get their head.

Grab the stone head and take a left to a room with a giant mortar. Load the head on the mortar and the roof will come down, opening the water below. Swim down and near the back you will find a hidden opening with Fresh Water inside. Head to NW corner of Dredgehaunt Cliffs and go into Forsaken Halls mini dungeon. Grow Lamp is created by 400 Jeweler. You can also buy it from the TP if you cannot craft it yourself. Go to Mount Maelstrom, Maelstrom Waypoint.

Near where the Megadestroyer spawns you will find a Heart of the Destroyer. Armorsmith and requires the following mats. Recipe can be purchased from the Dry Top vendor for 60-80 geodes depending on on the tier. You can also buy it off the TP. Alternatively, you can purchase them on the TP. A backpiece which give some blue for bloodstone dust?

Well it isn’t going anywhere, so I figure I might get it by the end of the year, if I see someone with it tomorrow I will know they must have gold flying out of their ears. I think Anet are trying testing this way for craft extremely expensive items, like precursors etc. The biggest issue, imo, is the number of items filling up my bag from the story instances. Items i don’t feel like tossing because i may have what i need to do this one day, but that i can’t cram away because i have already so much else crammed away. Anet : It’s not grind, it’s dédication! I get the daily foxfire I need just by playing the game normally. Same for the materials I use in my ascended weapons and armors. There are ways to make the game grindy, yes, but you don’t need to in most cases. If you think for 30 seconds, you’ll find a way.

I liked the way you craft this item. Ok you farm it not by yourself. So, you will pay for it in the BLT, when you wont farm it. You can buy a legendary without farming. But you have to pay for it. I think you see what i mean. Just a small correction: Artificer Lvl.

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0 suffices to refine Essences of Luck. 5 Infusion for fractal relics work too? I’m sure if I want to go for it or not just yet, but I am half tempted to do it just for Mawdrey II since I was actually played Audrey in the referenced musical. So can anyone make a rough estimation on how much gold this backpiece costs? Blech, I was looking foward to Mawdrey II but having to make that entire backpiece just to get the pet is annoying. This makes me wanna make the back piece, but no way in hell am I going to rush it. I’mma treat this like the Mini Black Moa Chick from gw1 and do it in spare time.

I’m pretty certain this is not the last evolution of the vine backpiece. There is a Vial of Mending Oasis Water you can acquire by picking up a vial from the merchants in Dry Top and taking it to the waterfall skill point. It’s unknown what it’s used for, but it’s used to create a new type of plant food, so it must be linked with this backpiece. I was still looking at an old version of that page. I have to agree, of all the Ascended Back-pieces you can get, this is the easiest, and cheapest to retrieve.

It wont take months of effort, just a few days of concentrated work, with the right items and the right abilities. Is there any way to make the ascended backpiece without the Pristine Relics? Anet force ppl to go in specific locations or do specific activity, like running fractals or move more ppl to orr etc. Oh yes, you are so clever, that sarcasm blew my mind. I just asked a simple question.

I do not want to waste my time doing something I do not enjoy. I liked the Living Story and wanted to get the reward for playing it. If it is not possible I will accept it and delete the whatever useless seed stuff which is taking space in my inventory. She probably replied to you that way.

Because you asked a question that you could have easily Googled or checked the WIki to find out. Also it’s kinda that a person who plays mmos, and is on a site dedicated to them is throwing out nerd as an insult. You don’t need to make the cultivated? You need the Pet Seed though. It’s such a shame you can’t dye backpieces. Then I would be able to make it match my sylvari’s coloring.

If u were lucky and your cultivated seed become a pet seed during the patch, last nights patch fixed the problem of the Pile of elemental essence. Now it can be picked up even with the buggy seeding, so u dont need the second exotic step materials. I have finished my Mawdrey and Mawdrey II without doing the second exotic step. I am looking for data on the Mawdrey II, specifically what it poops out, so if ye have one could you please head to my spreadsheet which has my data collection form. Yup, the august 13 patch changed some things and now you can skip the 2nd exotic step. And they added the guy who exchanges your Pet Seed for the Cultivated seed so you can go through that one extra step again?

I have now this Mysteriou Vine and Pet Seed in my inventory. Pet Seed i can make this ascended right now without making any Cultivated Vine? I’m almost at the same boat, got my Mysterious vine, but i exchange the pet seed with the cultivated seed. Do i need to create the cultivated vine or go half way then get the pet seed? If you exchanged your pet seed for cultivated seed, then you cannot skip cultivated vine.

So the Mists Stone and the Agony infusion are ingredients for the infused version of this back piece, or is it for the ascended version? If I need those for the ascended version then I might be out of luck. I haven’t done a fractal since its inception. If recipes like this become more common. People will have to somehow organize all the items for those recipes. I’m going to have to find a Fractal group that won’t mind someone that can only do Fractal Lvl 1 runs and barely remembers anything from them so I can get my Mists Stone thingy.

20 before getting them xD i think people would rage if that were the case. Yeah, I just got back from a level 1. I haven’t done a fractal run in ages but I remembered a good amount. I ended up in a friendly group and we plowed through it, I ended up being the last man standing against the Aether Blade pirate boss and took her out so that was cool.