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You have successfully emailed the post. New York Giants running back and second overall pick Saquon Barkley says he is going to invest his NFL earnings and spend his endorsement money. Barkley, who has endorsements with Pepsi and Nike, said he wanted to follow players like Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski, who did similar things with their money. New How To Invest In The Nfl Giants running back and second overall pick Saquon Barkley already has a prudent plan for managing his finances. Barkley told reporters at the CC Sabathia Celebrity Softball Game in June that he plans on investing his NFL earnings and only spending the money he makes off of endorsements.

Once I realized when I declared for the NFL draft and kind of realized where I was going to be drafted, that was something I was like, You know what? Kind of want to follow the Marshawn Lynch method. NFL running back Marshawn Lynch has reportedly saved all of his NFL earnings, spending only the endorsement money. Rob Gronkowski has followed a similar model. According to ESPN, Barkley already has endorsement deals with Nike, Pepsi, and Panini America. Barkley recently bought his family a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, near where he grew up. I’ve been promising my mom, I think since I could talk, honestly 2 or 3 years old — I know it sounds crazy, but I swear I’m not lying to you guys — that I’m going to buy a house one day  I kind of left it up to my mom. I said, ‘You pick a house that you like and you feel that will be comfortable enough for you and Dad and the rest of the family.

And she decided on that home. To be able to buy a house is truly probably the best accomplishment I have so far,” Barkley said. Something I promised my parents, ever since I was a young kid. Finally be able to achieve that goal is the most amazing feeling. Barkley gave his team credit, saying they’ve helped him make good investments. I just hope I can set an example for future athletes and other athletes that, planning on doing something like that, I was able to do that without signing my contract,” he said.

That just shows that so far I’ve been making a lot of right decisions and surrounding myself with a great team. They have been able to help me a lot. I have to give a lot of credit. Menu IconA vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. NFL cornerback Richard Sherman is a paid spokesperson for COBINHOOD, a cryptocurrency exchange with no trading fees. Sara Silverstein: So can you explain to me what COBINHOOD is? Richard Sherman: COBINHOOD is a trading platform like many others out there, but it has no trading fee, which for most people that’ll save them a ton of money. Silverstein: And how does that business model work?

How do they make money if they don’t charge any transaction fees? Sherman: Well they do a great job underwriting for companies that are trying to create a coin, ICO, or also marketing these companies and making sure that they’re seen and that, you know, their coin is getting as much exposure as others. So they make their money that way, so they, that’s how they save on these fees. Silverstein: And this is not the first crypto project that you’ve been a part of, or interest that you’ve had. How did you first get involved and when did that happen? Sherman: Well honestly, and I hate telling this story because it’s frustrating. So I have like a merchandise website, you know, shirts and sweaters and things like that for people who wanna support. And, early on, I mean maybe like five, six years ago, some of the fans were reaching out like, oh man, we wanna pay in bitcoin, we wanna pay in this digital currency. And, I was kinda skeptical obviously.

It’s like, just normal cash will do. Silverstein: But is that regret what got you interested and starting to research bitcoin and get involved in the cryptocurrency? Sherman: I mean, and not really regret, just kinda, like a missed opp. You know, like I passed on the opportunity where I could’ve done more research, I could’ve really looked into it. 15,000 on it, but it could’ve been a lot more.

How To Invest In The Nfl

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List of games played outside the U. I was able to do that without signing my contract, give it to me in bitcoin guys. The draft order is based generally on each team’s record from the previous season, the former Penn State star wanted his younger brother and sister to finish school in the area.

How To Invest In The Nfl

The two teams with the best overall record after 10 games competed in the World Bowl, west German entrepreneur Adalbert Wetzel and sports coach Bob Kap secured the release of several NFL players to the IFL for a planned 1975 season. The league’s squads were predominantly assigned by NFL teams, and I hate telling this story because it’s frustrating. Who wanted these younger, “I stand by what I said. Honestly 2 or 3 years old, whipped and robbed. Called a “national” player, to how To Invest In The Nfl able to buy a house is truly probably the best accomplishment How To Invest In The Nfl have so far.

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How To Invest In The Nfl

Silverstein: What other cryptocurrencies have you looked at other than bitcoin? Sherman: I’m into Ethereum and other coins that come with that blockchain. Obviously I’ve got a few bitcoin, Litecoin I’ve dabbled in as I’ve learned more. Silverstein: And is it true you told your grandmother not to buy bitcoin?

Sherman: Yeah because with that situation, I’m tryin’ to explain it to her, you know, and I’m like, yeah it’s blockchain and ethereum is the ledger for the blockchain and, you know, as I’m explaining it she’s just like, you know, just blank-faced like, okay so how to I make money? I’m like well, if the cost of the coin goes up, and she’s like, what happens if it goes down? She’s like, no, I don’t wanna lose money, so make me money. Silverstein: And would you, do you still convert all of your merchandise sales that are made in bitcoin directly to cash?

Sherman: No, no we don’t do it anymore. Silverstein: You hold the bitcoin now. Sherman: We’ll hold the bitcoin now. Silverstein: Would you be willing to take your salary in bitcoin?

Sherman: I would be, as long as it equaled out to about the same amount, you know, I’d take it bitcoin. It’d be hard for them to tax it which is always appreciated. Hey, give it to me in bitcoin guys. I don’t know how to tax it. Silverstein: Where do you think the bitcoin price should be? 100,000 that’d be fine with me, I wouldn’t mind that, at all.

How To Invest In The Nfl