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Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Check out the browser extension in the Firefox Add-ons Store. Becoming great at selling – or anything else for that matter – is about making adjustments. In order to make an adjustment you need feedback – something you see, hear or feel that informs your ability to adjust. When I watch my son hit he receives instant feedback from every swing of the bat. He usually crushes the ball and that suggests that no adjustment is needed.

If he tops the ball or pops it up it is probably an issue with timing. That brings us back to selling. Suppose a salesperson completes a sales call and the prospect says, “Thank you for your time” or “It was nice meeting you” or “We’ll let you know. Those are examples of lack of feedback. What would it sound like if they did get feedback?

A prospect who is not responding or reacting might be providing tremendous feedback. While it is surely negative feedback, it is very useful feedback. It suggests that the salesperson failed to get the prospect engaged and the required adjustment would be to ask more effective questions. An engaged prospect is also a form of feedback, suggesting that the questions were effective and the prospect is interested. A prospect who says, “We’re not interested” is providing feedback too. Again, it’s negative feedback but a salesperson can work with that.

The adjustment requires changing the questions that are being asked. A prospect who is very interested is also providing feedback – that the salesperson got close but isn’t quite there yet. Compare that with a meeting that you think went well because you had a nice conversation. If you didn’t get specific positive feedback, then there aren’t any positives to take away from that meeting. For example, in the last 3 months my son has been showcasing his baseball talent at colleges. In the first 4 showcases he didn’t get any specific feedback. In the 4 most recent events, coaches have taken time to tell him how much they liked his skills and how well he performed. Another powerful form of feedback happens when salespeople record their phone calls and listen to the recordings. They’ll hear several coaching moments as they identify openings where they could have asked great questions, where they failed to listen, where they jumped ahead with their own agenda,  or where they simply said stuff that sounded stupid.

How To Invest In Omg Go

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How To Invest In Omg Go

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How To Invest In Omg Go

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How To Invest In Omg Go

Salespeople tend to respond more effectively to self-identified coaching moments because they own those moments. It’s 26 minutes but it will be 26 minutes of coaching that you will definitely learn from and will be well worth your time. For salespeople who wish to improve and become great, most of them will need to accomplish some or all of that work on their own, either by recording calls, signing up for training or getting a sales coach. What is your feedback on article? Would Henry Ford be Able to Sell Cars Today? Cars were in the news this week when GM announced they were closing plants in the USA and President Trump pushed back. What would Henry Ford think if he were alive today?

I’m thinking that he would ask, “What the hell happened to my motor car and what are all these SUV’s, crossovers, smart cars, hybrids and electric cars? And what are all these pictures, icons, buttons, knobs and dials for? I think he would also say, “So let me get this straight. You need to pay for a government issued license and pass an exam to operate it? You need to register the motor car with the government and pay for that too? Ford was the entrepreneur who founded Ford Motor Company after the turn of the last century but Karl Benz, from Germany, actually invented the motor car.