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1 ranked Serena Williams in the championship match. But the most compelling action may have happened off the court, when two high-profile tennis personalities served a few sexist comments in post-match interviews. God that Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal were born, because they have carried this sport. The battle over how To Get Sponsorship Money pay in sports has been waged for years, and tennis is one of the few spheres in which women have won clear victories. Open became the first major tournament to offer equal prize money to men and women.

What Djokovic and Moore’s comments reveal, however, is that there is still a lot of ignorance about how the rise of female stars from Martina Navratilova to Steffi Graff to Kim Clijsters has helped make women’s tennis equally—and at times, more—popular than the men’s sport. While men’s tennis has historically been more watched than the women’s game, that dynamic is rapidly shifting—and as such, female contributions to the game should be compensated equally to those of men. Female tennis players work just as hard as men. One of the most popular arguments for paying women less is that men play longer matches than women, and therefore deserve more money. The International Tennis Foundation, which runs the Grand Slam tournaments, dictates that men play best-of-five-set matches, while women play only best of three sets.

Women have no say in this matter. Professional players—including some men, like Andy Murray—have argued that women’s matches would be more interesting and fairer if women and men played the same number of sets. The rule has also created a false perception that women lack the toughness and endurance to handle five sets. A similar phenomenon was seen in track and field throughout much of the 20th century, when women were not allowed to participate in long-distance running events. That changed in the 1980s, when the sport’s governing body finally let go of antiquated prejudices that women were not strong enough to compete in marathons. With the exception of Grand Slam tournaments, however, three sets is the norm for male and female matches. Since 2008, the Association of Tennis Professionals, which represents male players, has held three-set matches during its masters’ series, for instance. Some tennis pros have even proposed making all matches three sets.

How To Get Sponsorship Money

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Longer contests are not worthy of higher pay. If women were paid less because they play three-set matches in Grand Slam tournaments, that would mean that men are paid extra because they play more points per match. By that logic, champions would be given more prize money for winning a closer match that extended to four or five sets, than if they shut out an opponent in three sets. In the same vein, if all sports rewarded players based on the amount of time they spent in games, baseball players would receive more money for matches that extend to extra innings and hockey and football players would get paid extra for games that go into overtime. Perhaps NBA players would even expect to receive extra pay for playoff series that go seven games rather than four—which just doesn’t make sense.

Athletes are paid for winning, not for how long it takes them to win. It’s a myth that fans are always more interested in men’s tennis. Djokovic isn’t wrong to imply that men’s matches, in general, sell more tickets and attract more TV viewers. But the tide is turning in favor of women.

Since the 1980s, women’s Grand Slam matches have become as hotly contested as men’s and made women’s tennis equally, if not at times more, popular than the sport on the men’s side. Still, popularity is no guarantee of a bigger paycheck—that is, if you’re a woman. World Cup victory against Japan in 2015 was the most-watched soccer match in American history. Men get paid the same as women in figure skating and gymnastics. If you follow the logic of Djokovic’s argument that increased popularity should mean a bigger paycheck, then male figure skaters and gymnasts—who participate in sports in which the ladies’ side generally attracts far more spectators—should be paid less for their achievements than women. In any event, should popularity translate to higher pay? Certainly, it pays off in the form of sponsorship and endorsement deals.

But it seems absurd to argue that more popular athletes or teams should be better compensated for winning. Would the NFL, for instance, award players on more popular teams larger bonuses if their squad won the Super Bowl? Many women’s sports suffer from an endless loop of low popularity. If women’s sports attracted more interest, then media outlets and sponsors say they would invest more time and money in covering them.

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