How Much Money Does Ariana Grande Make

If one word describes Ariana Grande, it’s graceful. She seems how Much Money Does Ariana Grande Make move through the music industry, fame, and life with the same ease with which she sings. Most vocal divas want you to feel their work, the sheer difficulty of singing like they do. She might have a four-octave vocal range, but she’s just as known for her restraint. She’s found seemingly countless ways to deliver ballads and love songs, her bread and butter.

But her outlook is thoroughly modern — many of her biggest chart hits have been uptempo dance or hip-hop inflected tracks. At just 25 years old, Grande’s already proven able to move deftly through the gamut of 2010s pop trends. She’s been a muse to everyone from Max Martin to Zedd, Babyface, Cashmere Cat, even Broadway composer Jason Robert Brown. B into a romantic sound all Ariana’s own. Her 2014 sophomore LP My Everything crossed her over into modern top 40 pop, as high-profile collaborations with Iggy Azalea, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and The Weeknd made Grande a household name. In 2018, Ariana Grande feels like more than a vocalist — she’s assumed the mantle of role model and cultural icon, too. Grande’s  fourth album Sweetener, came as her first release since her 2017 concert at Manchester Arena tragically ended in a bombing attack that killed 23 and left hundreds more injured. This list includes every commercially available Ariana song — four studio albums, bonus tracks, features and musical theater numbers.

That leaves us with a surprisingly robust 103 songs, only a handful of which are outright bad — with a solid top 60, and a near-flawless top 40. The 15-year-old Ariana Grande made her professional debut in 13, written by Tony Award-winning composer Jason Robert Brown. It was billed as the first Broadway musical with a cast entirely made up of teenagers — and while it may have worked on the stage, it doesn’t quite translate on record. A barely recognizable Ariana shows up for a much-needed bridge. On their second musical collaboration, Ariana and her ex-boyfriend, Nathan Sykes of The Wanted fame, deliver a wet blanket of a piano duet where every line is a different cliché. Ariana only appears on the single remix, but even her voice can’t salvage it. 13, which ends the musical with a gospel-style climax.

One of several bonus tracks on My Everything that feels like a Yours Truly leftover. A bonus track about being misunderstood by the media — a message Ariana would later deliver in more compelling fashion. It feels fluffy and nostalgic like cotton candy, but by 2014, Ariana had already outgrown this outtake. One of Big Sean’s pettiest, least-charming songs, where Ariana sings a hook so lightweight it barely registers. Ariana, briefly welcoming you to her more modern, downtempo second Christmas EP. Original Television Cast of Hairspray Live! 50s-styled pop song about growing up from NBC’s Hairspray Live! Ariana covered this Hercules highlight for the We Love Disney tribute album. But for once, her voice isn’t big enough to handle it — her version doesn’t compare to the sassy original.

Ariana’s first time hosting SNL was a blast — and this is a genuinely funny satire of how hard it is to fit political representation into three-minute pop songs. So technically it can’t be wrong! But Ariana, unlike the cast, plays it totally straight — unfortunately not using any of her old Nickelodeon comedic chops. Jerkins’ beat — she sounds too airy, and he too goofy to take seriously. Maybe Destiny’s Child could have pulled it off in 1999, but not Ariana Grande in 2014.

How Much Money Does Ariana Grande Make

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Chill with a summery ukulele ditty, Ariana dreaming of a white Christmas. Co-written by Harry Styles, this piano ballad grinds My Everything’s string of pop bangers to a halt. Justin Timberlake — though you wouldn’t guess just from hearing it. Ariana could record in her sleep. This is a unique idea — an ode to cute boys, sung by a gay man and two straight women. But the singsongy end result feels too much like a children’s novelty song. And Meghan and Ariana don’t even get to have a sing-off!

A collaboration between these two promises so much. Sing, is too overproduced for them to have much chemistry — like a Glee tribute to Little Richard. Ariana’s long-forgotten debut single isn’t a bad song, but it was totally wrong for her. The penultimate song on Hairspray Live!

Motown pastiche that celebrates racial integration — how can you possibly hate it? Chill, where Ariana proclaims that she’ll love her boy 365 days a year. B jam that’s, mercifully, just half the length of the original. Ariana’s cheerleader Penny, as her African-American boyfriend Seaweed unties her from a bed.

John Waters probably loved this song. On a track written and produced by Pharrell, the legendary Cuban-American jazz musician Arturo Sandoval pays tribute to his decades-long musical legacy. Instead of Big Sean and Iggy Azalea, an uncredited Jamie Foxx provides a bewildering Ray Charles impression. Surprisingly, Ariana’s never explored this sound further — jazzy chords, strings and hip-hop beats, almost a neo-soul vibe. Sykes and Grande briefly dated in 2013, and this soulful Yours Truly piano ballad prematurely mourns the death of their relationship. It’s elegantly written and sung, though Sykes can’t match Ariana’s vocal fireworks. Ariana’s is laugh-out-loud funny — she almost sounds like she’s making fun of the song itself.