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How Much Money Does A Stuntman Make Trek: Short Treks – What happened in Calypso? Is Take That’s upcoming tour a farewell to their fans? SPOILER WARNING: This article contains full show match results for WWE Monday Night Raw from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas which aired on Monday, June 4, 2018. With a massive 10 matches booked already, the super-size card for WWE Money in the Bank 2018 is already bulging. Here are six things we learned from Monday Night Raw.

As her feud with her own GM Kurt Angle continues to bubble away, Steph has appointed Baron Corbin as the “Constable” of Monday Night Raw. What does that mean in practice? Kurt Angle seemingly allows himself to get brow-beaten by his bosses far too much, but in truth the experienced Olympian just knows when to pick his battles. We’re expecting some continuing disrespect and interference from the no-longer Lone Wolf, until things come to a head with a sanctioned match between Corbin and Kurt Angle, which we’re already looking forward to. After years of defeat, mockery and supporting roles, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are on a three-match winning streak. And their most important win came last night, when they rode their luck and exploited a situation to win a Tag Team Battle Royal. In the process, they earned themselves a WWE Raw Tag Team Championship match against ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt. The B-Team is BEYOND excited about their Tag Team Battle Royal victory! We can’t see the B-Team winning that face-off when it happens, despite their recent run of form.

But it’s great to see both men having their moment. Raw must-watch, so it’s a joy to see them on the up. It was win-win in a way for the Queen of Harts. A victory would make a statement ahead of Money in the Bank, and even in defeat she would be doing her pal Ronda Rousey a favour by scouting her title match opponent. She paid the price though by tweaking her knee just before getting hit by a Samoan Drop for the pin.

How Much Money Does A Stuntman Make

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How Much Money Does A Stuntman Make

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Despite her recent bullying, Nia didn’t look to exploit that injury further, but even if she wanted to, Ronda Rousey was quickly by her pal’s side to make sure. Later on, Nattie cooled things down between RR and Nia, but in truth she should be taking it very, very easy. Sure, MITB is still a fortnight away, but those ladder matches are notoriously punishing. In recent weeks, the first-ever WWE Universal Champion has not only clearly shown his title credentials, but he’s proved to be the absolute highlight of Monday Night Raw. Sure, his win last night was via DQ after his pummelling by Kevin Owens, but after the second bell rung he showed us all why he’s a favourite for that Money in the Bank ladder match. KO is the sort of high-risk manoeuvre that makes doctors wince and fans utterly lose it.

He’ll have more than Kevin Owens to worry about in a couple of weeks, unfortunately. So while we’re not sure that he’ll get the win he probably deserves, Bálor is in the middle of his best WWE main roster run right now. That meant teaming up not just with Ember Moon, but also her on-off best friend Sasha Banks to take on the Riott Squad. The duo put their differences aside to pick up a win, and even though it was overturned by Constable Corbin because Reasons, the real winner was Sasha and Bayley’s friendship.

Does this mean that the Huggable One and the Boss are friends forever? This victory calls for HUGS all around! But what it does mean is that the feud that was simmering for the last few months and looked on the verge of exploding is now totally off the heat. We’re okay with a super-slow build, but the WWE is playing a bit of a dangerous game. It really does feel as though there’s a risk of interest in this one waning all together, but a turn to the dark side from Bayley would certainly ramp things up a bit, perhaps.

Last week we criticised Roman Reigns for failing to come to the aid of his Shield brother Seth Rollins when he needed it. Last night, the duo officially joined forces to team up against their individual MITB opponents in Jinder Mahal and Elias. Alas, it still wasn’t enough, as the Modern Day Maharaja and the Drifter managed to score an unlikely win over two Hounds of Destruction. We don’t think the victory will have too much of a lasting impact.

We’re still betting on Seth Rollins retaining his Intercontinental Title with a win over Elias when it matters, and for The Big Dog to put Jinder down as he looks to bigger battles. But what last night did show in a few ways was that even though they can click on occasion, two outta three isn’t enough. Intercontinental Champion and is just behind Finn Bálor and Braun Strowman as the hottest thing on Raw right now. A comeback for The Shield would be a quick and easy win, but what we’d really like to see is a bit of conflict between Reigns and The Lunatic Fringe. A feud with a bit of history that would get people genuinely interested in what happens with Roman Reigns, no matter if he’s the Good Guy, the Bad Guy, THE Guy or, hell, just A Guy.

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