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Jump to navigation Jump to search “History of Monopoly” redirects here. For the economic term, see monopoly. The five sets of the board game Monopoly depicted here how Much Money Do You Start With In Monopoly Jr the evolution of the game’s artwork and designs in the United States from 1935 to 2005. The board game Monopoly has its origins in the early 20th century. The earliest known version of Monopoly, known as The Landlord’s Game, was designed by an American, Elizabeth Magie, and first patented in 1904 but existed as early as 1902.

1974 book devoted to Monopoly, and was cited in a general book about toys even as recently as 2007. Also in the 1970s, Professor Ralph Anspach, who had himself published a board game intended to illustrate the principles of both monopolies and trust busting, fought Parker Brothers and its then parent company, General Mills, over the copyright and trademarks of the Monopoly board game. International tournaments, first held in the early 1970s, continue to the present, although the last national tournaments and world championship were held in 2009. Starting in 1985, a new generation of spin-off board games and card games appeared on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. In 1903, Georgist Lizzie Magie applied for a patent on a game called The Landlord’s Game with the object of showing that rents enriched property owners and impoverished tenants. Although The Landlord’s Game was patented, and some hand-made boards were made, it was not actually manufactured and published until 1906. Magie and two other Georgists established the Economic Game Company of New York, which began publishing her game. A shortened version of Magie’s game, which eliminated the second round of play that used a Georgist concept of a single land value tax, had become common during the 1910s, and this variation on the game became known as Auction Monopoly.

Simultaneous to these events, Magie moved back to Illinois, and married Andrew Phillips. She moved to the Washington, D. After the Thuns learned the game, they began teaching its rules to their fraternity brothers at Williams College around 1926. It was in Indianapolis that Ruth Hoskins learned the game, and took it back to Atlantic City. After she arrived, Hoskins made a new board with Atlantic City street names and railroads, and taught it to a group of local Quakers. Darrow first took the game to Milton Bradley and attempted to sell it as his personal invention. They rejected it in a letter dated May 31, 1934. After Darrow sent the game to Parker Brothers later in 1934, they rejected the game as “too complicated, too technical, took too long to play. In early 1935, however, the company heard about the game’s excellent sales during the Christmas season of 1934 in Philadelphia and at F.

Robert Barton, President of Parker Brothers, contacted Darrow and scheduled a new meeting in New York City. On March 18, Parker Brothers bought Darrow’s game, helped him take out a patent on it, and purchased his remaining inventory. Robert Barton, president of Parker Brothers, bought the rights to Finance from Knapp Electric later in 1935. Finance would be redeveloped, updated, and continued to be sold by Parker Brothers into the 1970s. Monopoly was first marketed on a broad scale by Parker Brothers in 1935. A Standard Edition, with a small black box and separate board, and a larger Deluxe Edition, with a box large enough to hold the board, were sold in the first year of Parker Brothers’ ownership. These were based on the two editions sold by Darrow.

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