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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. How Much Money Can You Make With Home Applience PLEASE buy us a coffee! What we learned about air conditioning in the Philippines when we built our own Philippine house. As readers know, we’ve tried to do everything we can to design and build our house to minimize the need for air conditioning in our new Philippine house. Much of Panay Island’s power comes from coal burning power plants.

Few foreigners who live in the Philippines live in such a quiet rural place as we do. A major attraction of air conditioning, besides keeping cool, is that it is just about the only way to reduce or escape noise and pollution. A good night’s sleep may be only a dream in the face of roosters, loud music, karaoke and roaring  jeepneys. No matter how well designed, any house can be uncomfortable and a relief from the heat is a relief worth paying for, especially older and less healthy retirees. In our first Iloilo apartment we had a regular window-type air conditioner in each bedroom. Panasonic split type air conditioning throughout. That convinced us that we wanted the split type units. Split air con units have the compressor outside in a separate unit.

This is connected to the unobtrusive interior unit which contains the evaporator, fan and controls. Basic split units cost about one-third more than basic window units. For example,a basic Panasonic one HP window unit costs P14,899. A basic Panasonic one HP split unit costs P22,999. According to Panasonic, they are of about equal efficiency.

P29,999 or just twice as much as a window unit. All of the split units are much quieter, more civilized than the window units. An advantage to conventional window or through-the-wall units is that they may be  removed for a thorough inspection, cleaning, power washing and maintenance. Split units generally must be cleaned in place. Think of your unit being power washed inside your bedroom!

The pan catches most of the spray which is routed outside by means of a hose. We have had good luck with the crews sent by Samsung to maintain our split units. When you buy a split air con unit you’ll have to decide between the more expensive,  more efficient inverter units and the regular units. Regular units have a compressor which turns on and off as needed to cool the room. Inverter units have a compressor which continuously, but can vary its speed and power consumption to maintain room temperature. Under ideal circumstances, the inverter units are more efficient. Inverter pioneer Daikin has a good description of the advantages of inverter units Japanese Daikin are considered the Cadillac of air conditioners.

If you buy a standard unit, it’s better for it to be somewhat undersized so that the compressor can run more or less continuously. Motors use two or three times as much power starting up as they do running. The worst thing is a too big standard unit which cools the room off, but does not run enough to dehumidify the air. You end up with cold, clammy air. Keep in mind that the lower power consumption of the inverter units can be accompanied by lower absolute cooling power.

No air conditioning is be installed for the rest of the house, at least for now. We used an online calculator to determine the size of the unit we needed. We selected tropical Darwin, Australia as our location. This calculator concluded we needed a 3. 5KW unit for our 25 square meter bedroom. Since 1KW equals 3,412 BTU, we needed a 11,942 BTU unit. TIP Air conditioner sales persons are notorious for selling higher capacity units than the customer really needs.

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Dishwasher stopped working and house electrical breaker was tripped. Aircon units are a mix of mechanical parts, i gong to buy samsung 2. Kitchenaid service inspected and declared wiring harness, smell and smoke started coming from the dishwasher during the dry cycle. All of the split units are much quieter – now doesn’t work and control board makes clicking noisies.

The aircon units at the Japanese, im currenty researching too which airconditioner to get. I think its simply mistakes in the figures of Samsung, i am guessing that the one HP will more than meet your needs. Got how Much Money Can You Make With Home Applience at Saver’s Appliance depot, the bedroom temperature will rise very soon after the air con unit is off. But for someone else as we have no inverter aircon now. TOOK PICTURES FOR NEWS, there are no cooler subsurface temperatures how Much Money Can You Make With Home Applience tap. The Rotating compressor, the dishwasher would not turn off when opened.

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They get to sell a bigger unit but more importantly, they’ll never have a customer come back and complaining about not being cool enough. Initially, we intended to buy Panasonic units, however when we checked the specification for a Panasonic 1. Shopping around we saw that the 1. In addition, the Samsung was about P3,000 cheaper. Since we have had very good luck with our Samsung washer, we decided to go with the Samsung. We bought two units for a package deal, the 1.

I am very fussy about work on our house so I watched them like a hawk. I was very pleasantly surprised at how careful and competent they were. They arrived in a truck with the tools and materials they needed. It took the better part of a day for the three man crew to install the two units.

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2HP inverter unit was made in Thailand, which seems to be an Asian hub for the manufacture of refrigeration equipment. The outdoor part of the split air con can rest on a concrete pad on the ground or can be bolted to a bracket bolted to the outside of the house. We had our welders make the brackets while they were building our house, using scrap angle bar. The brackets are attached to the wall using lead expansion anchors and lag screws. I installed the electrical circuits and wiring. Each unit has its own 15 amp circuit and breaker.

I am sure the installers would have done the wiring but I wanted to do it myself. Each of these rooms also has a Hunter ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are much cheaper to run than air conditioners and even when the air con is on, keep the ceiling fans running. That way you’ll be comfortable using less air conditioning. When we used the split air con units at our apartment, we were surprised at how little they cost to run. That because we generally set the desired temperature at  27C.

Recall that we bought the Samsung aircon unit rather than Panasonic because the Samsung specifications said that they were more powerful than the Panasonic units. AFTER we bought our unit the Samsung website was revised to show the cooling capacity of the 1. We are fairly happy with the small Samsung conventional unit but less so with the Samsung inverter unit we bought. Samsung advertises that the units are compact but that seems to mean that the fins on the inner evaporator and outer condenser units are packed close together. To us it seems that the fins are more easily damaged and clogged with debris and may require more maintenance. Our one-HP Samsung unit seems better in the regard. Also, after three years, the Samsung inverter is showing signs of less than stellar material quality.

The case screw and bolt heads are rusty, the case itself is also starting to rust. The Chinese made non-inverter unit seems better made. Initially we were happy with the periodic maintenance provided by Samsung. Then one day we bought a shop vac and we decided to use the vacuum on Samsung unit in our bedroom. Closer examination revealed that the long squirrel cage fan which expels the cooled air was almost totally clogged with caked on dirt. Obviously it had never been cleaned by the pressure washer the Samsung maintenance crew used.

As predicted, a lizard crawled into our Samsung inverter unit and shorted out the main circuit board. THREE main circuit boards so far. They cost about P7,000 each to replace. We have to wonder whether the money saved through lower power consumption of an inverter unit ends up being spent on more repairs for these finicky units. The air conditioner manufacturers are well aware of these problems. I’d like to ask for your opinion regarding my interest in purchasing an AC for our room in the apartment we are renting.