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I report today on an economy that continues to grow, continues to create more jobs than ever how Much Does The Uk Invest In Water Supply Yearly and continues to confound those who seek to talk it down. An economy set on a path to a new relationship with our European neighbours and a new future outside the European Union. And in this Budget, we express our resolve to look forwards not backwards. To embrace that change, to meet those challenges head on and to seize those opportunities for Britain. The negotiations on our future relationship with the EU are in a critical phase.

My Right Honourable Friend the Prime Minister has been clear that we seek a deep and special partnership, based on free and frictionless trade in goods and services, close collaboration on security and strong mutual respect and friendship. And as Chancellor, I am clear that one of the biggest boosts we can provide to businesses and families, one of the best ways to protect British jobs and prosperity as we build that new future, is to make early progress in delivering my Right Honourable Friend’s vision. With an implementation agreement that allows businesses to plan and invest with confidence. And this government will make the pursuit of that progress a top priority in the weeks ahead. While we work to achieve this deep and special partnership we are determined to ensure that the country is prepared for every possible outcome. And I stand ready to allocate further sums if and when needed.

No one should doubt our resolve! But this Budget is about much more than Brexit. The world is on the brink of a technological revolution. One that will change the way we work and live and transform our living standards for generations to come. Seize the opportunities which lie within our grasp.

And build on Britain’s great global success story. Or reject change and turn inwards to the failed and irrelevant dogmas of the past. We have no doubts we choose the future. We choose to run towards change, not away from it. To prepare our people to meet the challenges ahead, not to hide from them. And the prize will be enormous.

Because, for the first time in decades Britain is genuinely at the forefront of this technological revolution. Not just in our Universities and research institutes. But this time in the commercial development labs of our great companies. And on factory floors and business parks across this land. But we must invest to secure that bright future for Britain.

How Much Does The Uk Invest In Water Supply Yearly

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And at this Budget, that is what we choose to do. But, Mr Deputy Speaker, we are listening. And we understand the frustration of families where real incomes are under pressure. Yes, maintaining fiscal responsibility, as we at last see our debt peaking. Continuing to invest in the skills and infrastructure that will support the jobs of the future.

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Building the homes that will make good on our promise to the next generation. But crucially also helping families to cope with the cost of living. A prosperous and inclusive economy where everybody has the opportunity to shine. Wherever in these islands they live.

Where talent and hard work are rewarded. Where the dream of home ownership is a reality for all generations. A hub of enterprise and innovation. A civilised and tolerant place that cares for the vulnerable and nurtures the talented. A force for good in the world. That is the Britain I want to leave to my children Mr Deputy Speaker.

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