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Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Check out the browser extension in the Firefox Add-ons Store. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-192186246100. Thinking about selling vinyl records online?

LP mailers are an absolute must, and will save you and your customers a lot of broken record disappointment. This is the mailer I personally use. Almost every time I have received a broken record, the seller didn’t use a professional LP mailer for shipment. Understand this though, if someone wants to do damage processing the mail they surely can, so in that sense, there are no promises. I’ve been using these mailers for over 5 years and I can’t find them cheaper, sometimes you might get lucky and run into to someone who is trying to liquidate a loss after they decide to get out of the business, that’s rare and highly unlikely. Keep in mind, the free shipping offers some sellers use usually just jack the price up to cover that cost any way, there is a limit to what a seller can discount of course with rising shipping costs. The mailers on this page are the cheapest I know of, and I am always looking for a better deal. The place where I buy my mailers is like clock work, really professional.

How Does Anomaly Make Money

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How Does Anomaly Make Money

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How Does Anomaly Make Money

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100 vinyl record mailers for 40 cents a piece. I don’t know who the heck is buying those at that price, but don’t waste your money. Don’t ever pay more than 50 cents per mailer,  and remember, the more you buy the better deal you should get. There is a point though, where the seller’s shipping costs outweigh the bargain they can give. I would like to mention: If you are going to ship vinyl records, don’t forget that at least one stiffener pad should be used inside the box.

USPS, most times it will make through unharmed. Surprisingly enough I have had that happen only a few times, with thousands of records shipped to me. I feel good about at least one stiffener in with the package. Always be on the look out for boxes to scrap, you’ll learn that TV box on the curb down the street would make 4 or more great stiffeners. Might be better just to buy them, if you’re not the scrounger type like me. This provides an economical way to ship Books, CD’s, DVDs, and LP’s. 93, that’s around 15 records properly packed.

UPDATE: Yes, January 2017 saw a small hike in Media Mail pricing, now . That’s still cheaper than a few years ago and pretty good deal. Media Mail is subject to inspection, so don’t cheat, your customer might get a postage due notice when the USPS upgrades it to the next cheapest method. Expect a day or two longer for delivery with media mail, Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska take longer. Media Mail is not allowed internationally. This could cause issues if you ship 45’s.

Now you might have to revert back to Media Mail for single shipments. Scored Mailers are harder to find, and are a bit more expensive. The thinking is, the perforated mailers aren’t as sturdy. I have shipped thousands of records with the perforated mailers, only one was damaged. Usually the more you buy of these mailers and stiffener pads at one time, the better deal you get.

If you can afford it, and you know what your inventory is, after a while you will figure out what you need. Always assume there will be some delay on your order, always buy more mailers when you get down to a typical 2 week supply. Won’t do you much good selling records if you’re shipping incorrectly graded vinyl. Here’s a page with my thoughts on the subject, I discuss how I grade, and how to deal with a customer who doesn’t understand record grading. That can be a problem when selling vintage used vinyl, unreasonable expectation on bargain records. Always insure any record you ship, where the amount is such you don’t feel you could afford to eat the cost if it’s damaged in transit.