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By selling homemade slime on Instagram. Slime, is one of many teenagers cashing in on the rising trend. Her homemade slime is very different from from the Play-How Did Instagram Make Money or putty you grew up playing with. It’s much more colorful and glittery, and it comes in all sorts of textures. After seeing other people post their homemade slime on Instagram last summer, Theresa was inspired to create her own.

On a trip to Walmart with her parents, she picked up a few bottles of glue to experiment with. She eventually wanted to sell her creations, so she asked her parents for permission. But soon they changed their tune. Since it launched in October, her Instagram account has grown to almost 500,000 followers. Her most popular video—a tub of her lemon custard jiggly slime—has over one million views. On Theresa’s website she calls her homemade slime a stress and anxiety reliever.

She also calls it a sensory toy, because people enjoy the sounds the slime makes. At first Theresa sold her homemade slime through Etsy but she’s recently started her own website for her venture. Her Instagram posts drive people to her website, which she restocks every Saturday with new varieties of slime. She sells out within hours, she said. Theresa and the teens behind other Instagram accounts use other ingredients like food coloring, glitter, bean bag filler beads, foam beads, shaving cream, lotions, soap, oils—you name it—to make mesmerizing slimes. Check out the tutorial below to see everything that goes into slime making. It’s also inspired her to own her own business one day.

I’m an aspiring pharmacist and I would love to have my own pharmacy. Theresa isn’t the only teen running her own slime empire. Sara’s account has nearly 5,000 followers and she uses it to refer people to her Etsy shop. 4,800 since she started her Instagram in January. Sara’s mom helps her, since it can get tough to balance her slime business with school. The hardest part about running the business has been time management. With school and having many after-school activities, it’s hard to record slime videos especially at night with no light.

How Did Instagram Make Money

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How Did Instagram Make Money

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One of Rachel’s most popular posts is a video of her mixing red glitter and pigment into her clear slime. She has 28,000 followers as of publication time and isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. For Rachel and others, business is booming. Slime has over 2 million posts on Instagram and it’s rapidly growing.

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How Did Instagram Make Money

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How Did Instagram Make Money

Slime’s popularity has grown so much that Elmer’s glue, the main ingredient for slime, saw its sales more than double in December, according to CNBC. More recently, stores are having trouble keeping glue on their shelves. So if these business-savvy kids got you hooked on slime videos, they’re easy to recreate on your own. Money may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Quotes delayed at least 15 minutes. Market data provided by Interactive Data.

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