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How Did Christian Grey Make His Money the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. American architect and artist based in Pasadena, California. Grey was born in Chicago and educated in the Milwaukee public schools. Another major commission during his years in Wisconsin was the Christian Science church in Milwaukee.

It was shortly after those plans were finished that Grey later recalled that “my health broke down completely. Grey wrote that his health problems had more to do with “nerves” rather than anything purely physical. In 1904, Grey became friends with a fellow Midwestern architect, Myron Hunt. The two rode horses together on Sunday mornings in Pasadena and formed a partnership in that city as Hunt and Grey. Grey later wrote that he began by working only a short time each day “until my nerves got in better shape.

Grey designed a Beaux Arts mansion for railroad and finance magnate, Henry Huntington, in San Marino. The mansion, built with reinforced concrete, tile walls and a slab roof, was not completed until 1911. Grey’s larger commissions included work for Throop Institute in Pasadena, the school which would soon become California Institute of Technology. Grey designed a home for Dr. Guy Cochran near Downtown Los Angeles that Gustav Stickley’s The Craftsman magazine dubbed the “very best” of their work, with enormous windows “looking out upon the terrace and garden, giv such a sense of relationship between the two that there is almost no feeling of being enclosed within walls. The best California bungalow schemes involve a garden or large outdoor living space, incorporated as an integral part of the plan. Though often associated with the Craftsman movement, Grey’s structures reflect a wide variety of styles, including Beaux Arts, Mission Revival and English Tudor. One Grey biographer wrote: “While Grey shared a number of beliefs with Stickley and the Arts and Crafts movement, his catholic, traditionalist taste and disposition would not allow him to become an exponent of any one movement. After his partnership with Hunt dissolved in 1910 or 1911, Grey went on to design the Pasadena Playhouse, the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Lincoln Shrine in Redlands, three buildings for the First Church of Christ Scientist, and many residences.

The commercial spirit of our age is so inclined to be a mad race for the ‘almighty dollar,’ and commercial structures are so often built with the idea of obtaining the most show for the least money that when religious organizations build they should show that their aims are higher. Grey was also an artist who painted in both oils and watercolors. He painted Southern California landscapes, and his watercolors are on permanent exhibit at the Chicago Art Institute. Grey also wrote numerous articles on architecture and philosophy. For several years in the 1920s, Grey’s nervous condition again forced him to cease working as an architect, though he returned to his practice in 1929. During the 1930s, he also tried to obtain work as a set designer in Hollywood.

Grey moved his practice to Florida in 1941, where he was an instructor in mechanical drawing and also painted a 35-foot frieze at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida, depicting five episodes in the history and development of Florida. Architectural drawing of the side view at First Church of Christ, Scientist. Clifford Webster Barnes House, 999 S. Toward a Simpler Way of Life, pp.

Archived from the original on 2011-07-10. Houses of Los Angeles, 1885-1919, vol. On the Design of Certain Modern Church Edifices”. Elmer Grey, California Architect, Paints Oil Frieze Depicting Early History of Florida”.

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By Builders and Architects: Observatory Buildings”. By Builders and Architects: Building Notes”. Among Builders and Architects: A Santa Barbara Mansion”. Big Works Planned: Mammoth Family Hotel for Orange Street”. Fashionable Hotel Will Add Apartment Houses”. Home of the Week: Portico with a pedigree”.

On Beverly Hills: Bungalow of L. Nares and view overlooking the valley”. An Elegant Piece of Hollywood’s Past Is Given Monument Status History: The designation helps preserve the 1905 Wattles Mansion. It is the last vestige of the resort community that flourished before the movies came to town”.

Wattles Mansion comes from a time when movie industry wealth had yet to make its mark on L. Los Angeles Counties – Its Cities and Towns: Let Clubhouse Contract”. Berkeley Square is situated on the west side of Western Avenue, near Adams. The houses on Berkeley Square were demolished in the 1960s to make way for the 10 freeway. Among Builders and Architects: Buys in Berkeley Square”. Pasadena Home Set Amid Park of Live Oaks”.

Magnificent: New Throop Plans for Finest School: Designs for Plant in Pasadena Costing Millions to Be Discussed Tonight — Working on Part to Start at Once — Dream Coming True”. To Build Fireproof Concrete Structures About Campus at Claremont College”. Action Started to Designate 2 Houses in Pasadena as Historic Landmarks”. Then and Now: An Allure That 2 Tycoons Found Irresistible”. Huntington’s Beautiful Palace Taking Shape on Site of Old Shorb Place”. Thousands Visit Exhibit: Architectural Display, Purely Educational, Is Achieving Its Object by an Increased Public Attendance”. Central Building on New Campus of Greater Institute Started”.

In his two-volume book, Sam Watters conjures the ghosts of great early estates”. Palatial Home Has Ideal Site: West Adams Mansion Is Set in Fairy Gardens”. Large Building for academy Students to Accommodate Sixty Boys. Early Structures on Occidental Campus to include Two Fireproof College Dormitories. Dormitories Which Will Be Centers of Campus Life in Two Southland Schools”. New “Show Place” for Oak Knoll: Site of Mansion Is Part of Old Alandale Ranch”. Three Notably Fine Dwellings Started This Week.

A Trio of Beautiful and Artistic New Southland Homes”. Magnificent Mission Hostelry Half Way Between the City and the Ocean to Rival Greatest Tourist Resorts in the United States–Half-Million to Be Expended in Building Alone. Magnificent Tourist Hostelry to Crown Commanding Knoll Between the City and the Sea”. Work Starts With Rush on Monster Hostelry: Great Tourists Hotelry for Beautiful Site Between the City and the Sea”. Hotel Near Completion: Beautiful Mission Hostelry at Beverly Hills Promises to Be One of the Southland Show Places. The Latest of the Great Tourist Hostelries of the Southland”.

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Costly New Church for Christian Scientists”. Fine Church for Scientists: Followers of Mrs. Eddy to Have Hundred Thousand Dollar House of-Worship on Alvarado Terrace. Beautiful Edifice for West End Worshipers”. Structure Will Follow Italian Renaissance Lines and Will Be of Brick Construction — Special Attention to Be Given Problem of Accoustics “. To Rear a Mansion on Canyon’s Edge: Palatial Santa Monica Villa for Los Angeles Capitalist”.

New Altadena Home Has Thatched Roof of British Country Places — Occupies Beautiful Foothill Site”. Home of the Week: Old World Craftsman”. Fine Home for Hillhurst Park: Hollywood Foothill Place Will Be Noteworthy Contribution”. New Foothill Residences of Beautiful Design”. Bank Official Building Fine English Home”.

Manor Type Home Will Be Erected: Large Residence Designed For Wilshire Area to Be Built at Once”. Grey To Design Shrine: Pasadena Architect Invited by Redlands to Give Idea for Proposed Lincoln Memorial”. Plans Soon To Be Ready for Shrine: Structure to House Bust of Lincoln and Books on Great Emancipator”. On the Move: Lincoln Shrine Gains Popularity”.

Everyone Turns Out: Lincoln’s Birthday — It’s a Redlands Must”. The Lincoln Shrine and Two Other Buildings, pp. Fine Studio Nears Completion: Semi-Public Pasadena Unit Proves Unique”. Engineer magazine from November 1932 through August 1933 under the title, “Vicissitudes of a Young Architect. You don’t have permission to view this page.