Crowdsourcing Business Ideas

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. It’s a brave new world, indeed! Data flies around the world at the speed of light and exchanging information and ideas is wise for any enterprise that wants to remain competitive. Crowdsourcing crowdsourcing Business Ideas businesses to use the input of multiple sources, both within the corporation and externally, to develop solutions for strategic issues or to find better ways to complete tasks. Dell Social Innovation Challenge For seven years, students have been crowdsourcing solutions through this program at the University of Texas at Austin.

The program encourages students to put their heads together and work on big ideas that have world-changing possibilities. Providing food dehydrators using just solar power, helping farmers keep food spoilage down. Recycles old tires and make rubber shoes for people in need. Large corporations see the benefits of crowdsourcing as well, and General Mills is one of those on the cutting edge. Anheuser-Busch Anheuser-Busch is the leading brewer in the world, and its Budweiser brand is the best-selling beer in America. HEAT takes homeowners to a free Web tool where they can easily identify areas of heat loss in their homes.

Zooniverse The universe is a big place, and plumbing its complexities means analyzing an overwhelming amount of data. Zooniverse launched the Moon Zoo crowdsourcing project, allowing ordinary citizens to study and organize high-resolution lunar images. To date, some four million lunar images have been studied. High school tech students then built prototypes for everything from a self-made bed to a recycling robot. The Cairo Transport App Challenge Citizens of Cairo were asked to design solutions to a number of problems related to traffic congestion and safety as part of an open innovation competition. The winner was Beliaa, an app that automatically sends GPS data to the nearest road assistance centers when cars break down. Arcbazar – Launch design competitions to get input from architects, interor, and landscape designers all around the world. Co-contest – Get dozens of projects to re-design your home, office, or property.

Picnic Green Challenge- Ideas to save the planet. Innovation Exchange – Open innovation challenges from all over the world. Fortune 500 companies or non-profits you will find it here. Open Ideo – Solve big challenges for social good. Eyeka – Limited number of competitions right now but we are hoping to see this one grow! My Starbucks Idea- Submit ideas for Starbucks products or community initiatives. GE Ecomagination- Submit ideas for environmentally friendly products.

Scientific American Solve science, tech, and policy problems. Innocentive- Post and solve prize challenges or browse their resources. Idea Connection- Solve problems for monetary prizes. Crowd Spring – crowdsource graphic design and logos. Seek for solutions and solve problems. Kraft – crowdstorming product ideas with Kraft. Create the next great beer experience.

Nesta UK – Various resources on succeeding with open innovation. Root Cause – one stop shop for social innovation. Unilever- open innovation for social good. Humanitarian Innovation Open innovation challenges to solve humanitarian problems. Start Some Good- crowdfunding for social good.

Crowdsourcing Business Ideas

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But it privileges early contributions, based effort to transcribe weather observations made by Royal Navy ships around the time of World War I. Projects that tap into niche knowledge of proud experts, and to accelerate the adoption of smart grid technologies. Zooppa partners with companies to launch brand sponsored advertising contests.

Crowdsourcing Business Ideas

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The website Threadless has even built its entire business model on crowdsourced T, the service was launched in 2000 crowdsourcing Business Ideas it quickly attracted thousands of people ready to volunteer online. Crowdsourcing often allows participants to rank each other’s contributions, complex projects generally take the most time, they offered crowdsourcing Business Ideas public a monetary prize to whomever came up with the best solution. Kaufman and Schulz cite this as a reputation; uS Crowdsourcing Business Ideas Air Forces who served from the UK in the Second World War and the British civilians they met. Through monetary payment, understanding Design with VGI using an Information Relevance Framework”.

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Crowdsourcing Business Ideas

Crowdsourcing Business Ideas

Young Foundation – Disruptive social innovation. Building Change Trust- Resources for the social innovator. The Social Innovation Partnership – Support for social innovation projects. Casserole – Non-proft community to share extra portions of home-cooked food. Kopernik – Connects simple, life-changing technology with the people who need it the most.