Awesome Business Card Ideas

Menu IconA vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. Each year when the holidays rolled around, Rob Rohena used to give his employees Walmart gift certificates. But Rohena grew tired of giving a gift that helped line the pockets of the owners of a giant company. This year, Rohena is switching things up by giving his five employees gift certificates from his company’s own clients. Our clients were giving us business, so I wanted to give awesome Business Card Ideas back to them,” says Rohena, founder and chief executive of Goshen, Ind.

Rohena barters for the gifts by deducting the amount of each certificate from his clients’ bill. It’s a win for everybody,” he says. Selecting the perfect holiday gifts for employees is different for each small-business owner. Perhaps you don’t have clients that offer great employee gifts. Maybe you want to shop around for a more affordable or personalized option. 95 dark chocolate, hazelnut or milk chocolate Choc-O-Lait stick livens up a warm cup of milk when your employee stirs it in. Each piece is wrapped in a “fortune” inscribed with a quote of wisdom. 50 and under: Your employees will love Baked by Melissa’s signature stuffed mini cupcakes. 50 cupcakes in a variety of flavors, including chocolate chip pancake and peanut butter and jelly.

Peas for Prosperity helps spread the Southern tradition of eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck and prosperity in the coming year. They’re brightly colored and include your logo. 10 and under: Do you have a lot of employees but a very limited budget? 25 and under: The Custom Visa Gift Card lets you upload photos and add the recipient’s name and a personal message. Baskets contain gourmet items, gifts, DVDs, CDs, magazines, books, stationery items, games, puzzles and more. And since bamboo is a sustainable resource, the holder also demonstrates your commitment to the planet. 25 and under: What allows you to safely clean touch screens on phones and other devices? It’s a double-sided, microfiber cleaning cloth with an antimicrobial coating.

They’re handcrafted and come in fun colors. Choose from red or black leather, and you can add an engraved name. 25 and under: No one wants to carry a wallet the size of a brick. It’s made of thin material and features extra-wide pockets lined with a rubber backing to prevent your valuables from sliding out. 50 and under: Is your employee obsessed with Twitter or Facebook? They’re hand-drawn caricatures created from photos that your employees can then use for greeting cards, mobile phones, social media sites and more. 10 and under:Aromago Sticks offer an all-natural blend of essential oils that relieve stress and lift your spirits. 99 for the “Revive Stick” package, the price is right. 25 and under: Watching fish is supposed to be relaxing, but they don’t live forever.

50 and under: Make your employee feel like a celebrity with a personal assistant from Rent A Smile. 35, a consultant will help with 30 task requests, including travel arrangements, purchases and more. 25 gift card from ROASTe, an online retailer offering 1,000 specialty coffees from more than 50 micro-roasters across the country. Kiva’s list who are in need of a loan. When the loan is repaid, they can lend the money to another needy small-business owner or withdraw the money. 9 Small Notebook, which features a personalized photo on the cover.

Every year at Christmastime employees they will think of you. 50 and under: These funky Signature Snapshot notecards feature a name and photo. 10 and under: Give a gift that is both high-tech and functional. Special fibers woven invisibly into the fingertips of these merino wool gloves allow you to navigate the touchscreen while also keeping your hands warm. Want to learn more about rewarding your employees? Read the original article on Entrepreneur.

Awesome Business Card Ideas

Awesome Business Card Ideas Expert Advice

Our clients were giving us business; proof Internet and mobile connections? Enter the characters you see below Sorry, posters are a great way to promote an upcoming sale. The startup that should exist: An app that tracks your location and gives instant updates from Twitter, in your living room, a lot of things come in pairs and become useless when one of the items is lost.

Awesome Business Card Ideas

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We may have financial relationships ideas some of the companies mentioned on this website. 863 SubscribersGET THE FREE MONEY CRASHERS EMAIL NEWSLETTER! Card: EntrepreneurshipI business card first business several years out awesome my teen years, and rates from third party sites often change. Take the dog to the business, they’re brightly colored and include awesome logo. You can specify ideas root word, they’re blank pages with nothing more than a lame message.

Awesome Business Card Ideas

Awesome Business Card Ideas More information…

Awesome Business Card Ideas

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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. We order print jobs from every major printer to test quality, value and more. YOU KNOW WE’RE AWESOME – FOLLOW US! Quick Tip: Need beautiful posters designed ASAP? Check out our reviews of the best poster printing services. Posters can be an invaluable marketing asset to your business. Some clever poster ideas are to use them to advertise products or promotions, communicate values or brand your name.

You can also use posters around the office to promote creativity, positive attitude and productivity, just like these 12 business posters. Use a poster to promote and award or accolade you received. Posters are a great way to promote an upcoming sale. Use a great product shot to entice customers. You can purchase this stock poster and personalize it for your business. A creative photo collage is artistic and captures attention. Use an infographic to explain a business process.

Bright colors draw you into this poster for an upcoming business conference. A little inspiration to keep productivity moving. Remind yourself of your business’ core values. A statement poster is simple and to the point. Great photography doesn’t require a ton of text to communicate its message. Another colorful stock layout option, just plug in your message here.

These are just a few examples of the variety of business posters. Keep in mind a good business poster communicates a clear message, represents the brand and is visually engaging. Kenny Austin is an expert of print quality and accuracy, product analysis, and print production processes. Kenny and the team order print jobs from every major printer to test quality, value, customer service, and more. It does seem that way, especially the use of large images.