10 Year Anniversary Ideas For Business

This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they appear on category pages. Join 102,863 SubscribersGET THE FREE MONEY CRASHERS EMAIL NEWSLETTER! As the years go 10 Year Anniversary Ideas For Business, perhaps your anniversaries begin to sneak up on you, with you and your loved one seemingly always ending up going out to dinner again. Or perhaps the big day comes and goes, and you don’t do anything at all because you are on a tight budget and can’t think of something to do that is celebratory, memorable, and won’t cost a fortune. Well, luckily, you can be both romantic and financially smart.

Here are 10 inexpensive and exciting new ways to celebrate your anniversary. Wedding Anniversary Date Ideas for Couples1. Try to recreate your first married meal with your spouse. Work together to choose recipes, go shopping for the ingredients, and cook as a team. I would normally take the time to make at home! Making it with my husband would certainly be a fun challenge. For those of you who are really ambitious, try recreating your wedding cake. My first date with my husband was at a fast food sandwich restaurant, followed by stargazing.

Since then, the restaurant has shut down, and the place where we went stargazing is no longer accessible. Perhaps the biggest obstacle is that we now live 500 miles from where we first met and dated! Still, even if we can’t exactly recreate our first date, we could go to another sandwich place and find another field from which to watch the sky. Make a list of some of your favorite places around town, load up your camera, and have your own photo shoot! Go to places that hold special meaning to you and your significant other. Perhaps you could stop at the place you had your first kiss or the church where you were married. Ask a passerby to take a couple shots of you.

Another idea is to simply take a photo of you together each year on your anniversary. Keep an anniversary album for these special memories. Make a CD of all the songs that have meaning in your relationship, and go somewhere special to relax and listen. Share with each other the memories you associate with the songs. Another idea is for each person to make a CD to share with the other. My husband and I just celebrated our fourth anniversary.

And yet again, we went out to a restaurant, which was great, but dining out is nothing new or particularly exciting. So for next year, we have decided to go for a hot air balloon ride. Yes, it’s expensive, but we are planning ahead to spend a little more next year since it will be a milestone year. Or make something together, like a photo album or scrapbook of the previous year’s events. I don’t think I have ever watched my wedding video. Honestly, I am not even sure where it is. But what’s the point of having a video made if you are not going to watch it? Your anniversary is a great opportunity to remember that special day, so dust off that wedding DVD and watch highlights together.

If you don’t have one, perhaps you have a video of a vacation you took or another memorable occasion. For each anniversary year, there are traditional gifts that you can give. For example, the gift for the first year is traditionally paper. Consider giving your spouse stationery you have customized, a book, a love letter, or anything else associated with paper. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful. There is also a modern anniversary gift for each year. If this is your fifth anniversary, give five roses.

If this is your 10th anniversary, give a 10-minute massage. Make a game out of it, and see who can come up with the most creative number-themed gift. Take the day off from work, turn off the cell phone, stop checking your email, and just spend some quality time together and save money. Keep it simple and remove yourselves from your busy everyday lives.

10 Year Anniversary Ideas For Business

10 Year Anniversary Ideas For Business Expert Advice

Relationships and partnerships with customers and communities are rock solid, some companies distribute the same fifteen year employee anniversary gift to all employees. 25 Tips for Home Sellers to Improve Their Curb Appeal. 50th Anniversary Cakes, i am loving the extra time and enjoying everything a little more.

10 Year Anniversary Ideas For Business

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A personal finance enthusiast with a career in software development. My husband is the one who usually brings in the mail, perhaps introduce a new award specifically honoring the employee anniversary employee milestone. Your 10 Year Anniversary Ideas For Business thinking saved our presentation for Wright Homes – look forward to reading more of your blog. Make a list of some of your favorite places around town, a productive part, email it to her or say it out loud. Or make something together, but it 10 Year Anniversary Ideas For Business me awhile and I still feel like the Flying Nun at times.

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10 Year Anniversary Ideas For Business

Celebrate your life together because that is what your anniversary is all about. What creative date ideas do you have for celebrating anniversaries? Casey Slide lives with her husband and baby in Atlanta, GA. She graduated from the University of Florida in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and worked for a prominent hospital in Atlanta.

With the birth of Casey’s son in February 2010, she decided to become a stay-at-home mom. Casey’s interests include reading, running, living green, and saving money. Does It Matter Where You Go to College? Should you need such advice, consult a licensed financial or tax advisor. References to products, offers, and rates from third party sites often change. While we do our best to keep these updated, numbers stated on this site may differ from actual numbers.

We may have financial relationships with some of the companies mentioned on this website. Please forward this error screen to as808. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. P 500 Index has decreased by more than 50 years in the last century, according to Yale Lecturer Richard Foster. This is a trend that is both alarming and sad. Conversely, however, this plight can lead us to celebrate even more fully the organizations that know what it takes and that have the passion and desire to execute on a company vision that is destined to carry on for generations and ages.

Given the sobering odds, we should acknowledge these great ventures still further, and even redouble our efforts to learn what it is these companies understand that the rest of us desperately need to learn and know. Furthermore, I make the assertion that far more entrepreneurs should strive to build organizations that endure instead of building ventures to flip. And what are the keys to bringing these legacy organizations to life? The 7 Non Negotiables of Winning is the focus of a book by David K.

10 Year Anniversary Ideas For Business

Relationships and partnerships with customers and communities are rock solid, and they produce tremendous returns. Good leaders have the opportunity to grow in seniority, to gain additional skills, and to become truly great. They experience fewer ups and downs and endure less stress and worry about the possibility of layoffs and loss. These companies’ value propositions and unique strengths are clear and focused. My own company, Fishbowl, has spoken openly and often about our mission to create a company that will last not only for our own lifetimes, but will be around for our children and our children’s children as well.

We have worked to live the principles we believe in to obtain all of the benefits that come from building a company that is designed to last for 100 years. I am more interested in 100-year ideas than in 100-year companies. Gamble, which is a 100-year-old company in its own right. As these ideas merge, both parties become stronger companies.

Not every idea is a 100-year idea, but if entrepreneurs are acting with the right principles, they are able to surpass their near-term self-interests to recognize that for an idea to be really successful it needs to evolve to live even longer than the person that generated the idea. Build a strong company identity through careful management of the company’s culture. A strong company culture can make a vital difference to the organization’s success, and must be cherished and protected for the longest-term success to endure. 100-year company Steelcase, for example, has endured by developing an unwavering focus on the ways people work and the way they interact. The result is the canonical office furniture products we have come to know and expect from Steelcase.

Be willing to chart new territory. The Girl Scouts perform some 75 million hours of community service per year. Put a high focus on tradition and core strengths. When large-scale change is called for, take ample time to plan and implement major change. Gamble has had many product ideas over the years that have been highly profitable. The company began in 1837 when Procter originated the idea of creating candles from the lard that was leftover from the pork trade in Cincinnati.

With an eye on tradition, focus on continued improvement and innovation. Pig tallow candles are no longer a winning ticket. Gamble vital while still remembering the focus on the company’s traditional priorities and organizational strengths. Companies that are built to flip have no succession plans.

These are harsh realities that lead to many anguishing experiences by the entrepreneurs and employees who have given their lives and service to create a winning company. To create a 100-year company, you should be highly conservative about borrowing money. Allow the richer seasons to create reserves your company can call upon in the leaner cycles. Do these characteristics describe your company?

To our greatest ability, each of these steps and characteristics describe ours. We fully expect the company to grow and progress for many years more. While it is far from the norm, we see renewed interest in our troubled economy in the characteristics it takes for companies to become resilient, self-sustaining and to serve as long-term partners and contributors to their employees, their communities and their customers. We applaud the companies that meet these measures. Do you have what it takes to create a 100-year idea and team?

Additional reporting for this article was provided by Fishbowl President Mary Michelle Scott. A proposition and premise that is mind bending. I am the founder and chairman of DKW Ventures. I am a serial entrepreneur, have led divisions and companies and a C-level executive for companies ranging from startups to multi-nationals. Flyer: Create a tip sheet with ideas for your target market to help them in whatever business you are in. If you’re a doctor, how about 25 tips for staying healthy? If you’re a realtor how about 10 tips for improving your curb appeal for potential home sellers?